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Tags in this brief: Biden, Color Revolution, Coup, Deep State, Depopulation, Matthew Ehret, Maurice Strong, Trump.

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An OrWELLSian Purge? Why H.G. Wells’ ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ Has Arrived Today

Published 2021-01-23 15:51:14 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Conspiracy-Theories, Headline-News, United-States

By Cynthia Chung “It has become apparent that whole masses of human population are, as a whole, inferior in their claim upon the future, to other masses, that they cannot be given opportunities or trusted with power as the superior peoples are trusted, that their characteristic weaknesses are contagious and detrimental to the civilizing fabric, and that their range of incapacity tempts and demoralizes the strong. To give them equality is to sink to their level, to protect and cherish them is to be swamped in their fecundity. “ – H.G. Wells’ in “Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and… Continue ->


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Confessions of a Deprogrammed Trump Supporter

Published 2021-01-23 15:24:51 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Satire, United-States

As many people are aware, CNN recently aired a wonderful interview by former Moonie-turned-cult-deprogrammer Steve Hassan giving advice to Americans wishing to deprogram their MAGA-hat wearing loved ones, now that the age of Trump is coming to an end. I was fortunate enough to have read Hassan’s book and had the loving scrub-brush of truth wash my brain of all of its formerly pro-Trump sympathies and can honestly say that I am most certainly better off for having left those old delusions in the past. For one thing, I used to enjoy my right to free speech… but thanks… Continue ->

Tags: Biden, Color Revolution, Coup, Deep State, Depopulation, Matthew Ehret, Maurice Strong, Trump

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