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Xi and Putin Stand Up for Humanity at Davos: Closed vs Open System Ideologies Clash Again

Published 2021-02-04 04:06:35 by Matthew Ehret in Conspiracy-Theories, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

Between January 25-29, 2021, world leaders were corralled into a digital conference titled “The Davos Agenda” in order to discuss the foundations of the emerging new world economic architecture which has come to be called “The Great Reset”. For those who have not yet made this disturbing discovery, the Great Reset agenda was first unveiled by the World Economic Forum as a cover for imposing a new world economic order upon nation states. This reset hides behind a veneer of morality but is actually reveals a to feudalism with a technotronic twist. “Technotronic” in this sense does not refer to… Continue ->


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