Voices crying in the wilderness: Countering the MSM Advantage

So who's right? You, or the book? Well, who wrote the book? Dutch site lets McGovern speak

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A short story to explain the corporate media advantage: Early in my professor career, teaching a course in History of Science, I made a discovery. I thought it was a great lecture, too. I laid out all the evidence to show that the textbook, on pre-socratics, was in error. It was plain wrong, and I had the goods to prove it.

A student, after the exposition asked a complaining question.

“So who’s right, you, or the book?” 

Even in a Research Institution, students did not expect researching professors to make progress beyond what was already “known.”

Our war-proponent corporate media are the book. Actual inquirers, with sources on the ground, who even read the news from foreign countries in the foreign languages, also run into this. And it so much as takes the form 

“So who’s right, you, or the book?”

Truth-tellers in a position to know, such as Philip Giraldi and Ray McGovern, get no press, or worse, are even suppressed: just try to share any article in Giraldi’s Strategic Culture. You can’t! Facebook will tell you it “goes against community standards”! Try posting an article from South Front and you get:

Screen Shot

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Why do we need to give heed to people like Giraldi and McGovern? They both “know where the bodies are buried.” Ray McGovern worked for the CIA for 27 years under seven presidents – from John F. Kennedy to George H.W. Bush. He gave personal briefings to three presidents in the 1980s, particularly on Russia. Giraldi was a CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years overseas in Europe and the Middle East working terrorism cases.

McGovern finds outlets only in really recherché places. How about at Dutch site called Café Weltschmerz. Ever hear of it? Neither has Facebook! [Yet!] I found it only as a result of spending the past year adding Dutch to my armory of languages. It is typical for the Dutch also to be very good at English, and the interviewer, Elze Van Hamelin, mostly just allowed McGovern to have his say, for more than an hour! And it’s all in English!

Though the headline is Dutch — “LEUGENS OVER OEKRAÏNE EN MHI7” — “Lies about Ukraine and MH17” — the entire interview is in English, and McGovern lays out the whole Ukraine story from early 2014 to the present.

The text under the video is quite understated — to get the full import, you MUST hear McGovern himself, but here it is in English: “In this interview with publicist Elze van Hamelen, he discusses the tense situation around Ukraine. According to McGovern, the Western media paint a one-sided picture of Russian policy. He lays it out that the 2014 takeover of power in Ukraine was sponsored by the U.S. and left Russia no choice but to take Crimea – an “occupation” that is massively supported by the population there.

“The “Russian threat” is being greatly exaggerated, McGovern argues. He also does not consider it very likely that the downing of MH17 was the work of the Russians. The then United States Secretary of State John Kerry claimed he had evidence of what happened, but that evidence was never requested or presented, McGovern said. According to him, this means that they do not indicate Russian guilt.

“McGovern apologizes in the interview for his long beard. He lets it grow out of solidarity with his friend Julian Assange, who is still in prison.”

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