Bashar al-Assad’s Theorem


According to Bruno Guigue, political analyst and researcher in political philosophy, the West’s muddled games with jihadist forces in Syria not only helped prolong the war, but could also backfire. 

Prolonged by a criminal tenacity where Erdogan is only the latest tool, the ten-year war raging in Syria has had the effect of a forensic spray that reveals fingerprints. Protagonists outed in this bloodbath, the American, British, French, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari governments, will go down in history for what they are: the executioners of a people who have done nothing to them. The Syrian tragedy dispelled their pretenses, exposing their most devious strategies to light. 

But the worst of all has been the whitewash of terrorism in others. How to resist nausea in front of these two-faced politicians who, with each attack on French soil, spread indignant condemnations of the terrorist violence that they have fed and praised elsewhere? It will be remembered that not so long ago the Western mediasphere used its false dialectic to make the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda a respectable fighting organization. We were told that the Al-Nousra Front, as it called itself, would eventually “normalize.” And it would be necessary, suggests François Burgat on a public channel, to negotiate for good with this organization destined to be part of “Syria’s future”.

Negotiate? With Al-Nousra? With its claimed affiliation with Al-Qaeda, with its hateful and sectarian ideology, its repeated practice of indiscriminate attacks on civilians, the obscurantist terror regime it spread like the plague wherever its head cutters had the opportunity to operate? All peccadilloes. A kind of genetic mutation was to earn the jihadist organization competing with Daesh, for its services rendered against Damascus, a veritable patent of respectability. This is how Western diplomacy worked wonders. From their magician’s hat, they pulled moderate terrorists, democratic extremists, humanist head-cutters, philanthropic liver-eaters.

This operation to launder the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, in fact, took place at a time when this organization was consolidating its political and military hegemony in northern Syria. Predestining it to play a major role in the aftermath of the expected collapse of the Syrian state, this success earned it the favor of Western and regional powers determined to bring down the last secular and progressive state in the Middle East. The human cost and the political price of this early consent to the establishment in Syria of sectarian and mafia power did not matter. The fall of Bashar al-Assad was said to be a game worth the candle.

Terrorism rebranded for the needs of the cause, rendered – and still renders – unexpected services to the vast coalition against sovereign Syria. The western states and oil monarchies conniving with the adulterated offspring of Al-Qaeda signaled the simultaneous re-enlisting of the two avatars of Takfirist terrorism in the Western strategic agenda. The destruction of the Syrian state, the number one objective of the Washington-Riyad-Paris-London-Ankara-Doha axis, backed up behind the scenes by Tel Aviv, was an end which justified all means, and the prospect of an extremist emirate was clearly part of the plan. To make it succeed, the foreign powers united against the last Arab nationalist regime cynically divided the roles. In its merciless fight against Syria, the al-Qaeda killers could thus count on their precious friends: Turkey delivered them arms, Israel treated their wounded, Qatar paid them a check at the end of the month, and the daily Le Monde passed them off as altar boys. Who remembers that in 2013, when the Al-Nosra Front seized the Christian village of Maaloula, this daily dared to deny that the extremists had killed a single civilian, while we could see on the BBC, at the same time , the religious funerals of the victims of this aggression?

During the Daesh offensive towards Palmyra, the so-called “international coalition” refrained from firing the slightest cartridge, and this safe-conduct offorded to terrorists illustrates the perfect duplicity of the anti-terrorism they proclaim in Washington and Paris. Between the push of the pseudo-Islamic State on the Palmyra-Damascus axis and that of the Al-Nousra Front on the Aleppo-Damascus axis, the dream of Bashar al-Assad’s enemies seemed to be fulfilled. 

But that was without counting on the resistance of the Syrian people and the loyalty of their army. The general mobilization of the Takfirist troops was to cost the Gulf petromonarchies a billion dollars a year. Sent to terrorist organizations through the CIA, this windfall was not enough to bring about the fall of Damascus. Because it was without counting, either, on the capacity of the Syrian government to forge the necessary alliances with reliable partners. In order to loosen the deadly embrace of the terror sponsors, Damascus has secured the valuable support of Tehran, Moscow and Beijing. 

In reality, there has never been a civil war in Syria: started by the imperialist powers, this war is from the outset a large-scale international conflict in which a coalition has formed to defeat the opposing coalition. In the theater of operations, even today, the only forces present are the armed bands of sponsored takfir on one side, supplemented by a few Western special forces on the move; and the Syrian state military forces backed by their Russian, Iranian and Lebanese allies on the other.

Faced with this observation, all the rest is just literature. The distinctions between “democratic”, “moderate”, “secular”, “Islamist” or “jihadist” rebels are nameless stupidities, the only effect of which is to cast a veil of modesty over a coterie of terrorists whose intention is perfectly clear: impose a sectarian regime and collaborator of imperialism on Syria, by force. If the Western and regional powers which fueled this blaze had believed in the so-called moderate rebels, they would not have whitewashed the Al-Nousra Front, accredited at the turn of 2014 as a potential successor to the regime to be defeated, while refraining from fighting Daesh when this organization faced the Syrian army. Even today, the thousands of terrorists who control the Idlib pocket belong to Al-Qaeda’s latest avatar, Hayat Tahrir Al-Cham, which is on a Turkish military drip. Propaganda presses have long credited the fable of a civil war pitting a bloodthirsty regime against a democratic opposition. But everyone has understood that the reality of the Syrian conflict, for the past ten years, has been the struggle between a sponsored terrorist conglomerate and a national army which defends its country against foreign invasion.

Since 2011, the successive avatars of the semi-clandestine subsidiary of the CIA, generally denominated Al-Qaeda, have welcomed an incessant flow of lobotomized mercenaries into Syria, eager to do battle with the disbelievers and the apostates. This massive injection of deadly fanaticism has had the effect of prolonging the war that never ends. But it has also spread its miasma to the four corners of the globe. Coming back like a boomerang, this has hit everywhere. Bashar al-Assad had warned the Europeans that their duplicity would eventually turn against them. Ignorance of this theorem never ceases to present the bill. 

Bruno Guigue

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