Is NATO Pushing Russia to War?


By Valentin Dneprov

On the development of world events after the President’s statements at the international discussion platform of the Valdai Club in Sochi.

Instead of pursuing an effective “policy of strangling Russia in its embrace” and channeling “printing press energy” into buying up Russian resources and strategic enterprises, Washington adopted a strategy of re-containing Russia through NATO enlargement in 1994, which was tantamount to declaring a Cold War, but Russia did not bite.

“Finally,” or “God forbid,” but the fact of the Cold War was recognized by the Kremlin, and the president’s statements at the Valdai site are a signal to NATO that Russia is accepting the challenge.

History will answer the question of the timeliness of the president’s decision in terms of “early – late”, but today it is known that the decision was carefully prepared. Strategic parity “Russia – NATO” is a fact recognized by everyone except Kiev, Warsaw and Vilnius. 

From the moment of “Russia’s arrival at war” and the high probability of a violent clash, “Cold War – 2” will last no more than 3-5 years and will end with a reduction in the US military presence in Europe.

The timing and results will be determined by the development of hypersound and AI. From the moment the time of approaching the decision-making centers is reduced to 3-5 minutes, the transfer of the system for making decisions about war and peace under the control of AI becomes meaningless.

Given the joint potential of Russia and China, the bet on an arms race is disastrous for the United States; imbalance in the US political system – brings forward a direct clash; the gap in the size of the economic and mobilization potential of Russia and NATO excludes direct clashes without the use of nuclear weapons.

Declaring a policy of new containment, the United States staked on desovereignization and subjugation of opponents through “mechanisms of converting citizens into consumers”, corruption of elites, destruction of culture and traditional values.

While the strategy was being implemented on the outer contour, the empire was developing new territories. Then there was a “overproduction of missionaries” and it was decided to involve them in domestic politics. The result is obvious. America is split into liberal aliens, conservative trumpists, and consumer suckers.

The missionaries, who were introduced to Russia during the “period of strangulation in the embrace” and enjoyed immunity during the period of Russia’s non-appearance in the Cold War, reprogrammed many citizens into indifference and “patriots of civilized countries”, and imperials into supporters of the Republic.

Thus, according to VTsIOM, 96% of the Russian population believe that the main duty of the state is to take care of everyone. The role of the state in the life of society should grow – 65% believe, but only 47% agree that one should limit their desires for the sake of the state and society.

The President knows that education, upbringing and culture have been “mined” by missionaries and stripped of people seeking to “produce citizens”, which makes Russia vulnerable in the Cold War.

Reforms from above are ineffective. The announcement of the acceptance of the invitation to the “Cold War – 2” will change the structure of society through the return of “conscientious consumers home” and “guerrilla” mechanisms of self-purification of culture, education from “missionary bookmarks.” 

It sounds strange, but it seems that no more than 10% of Russian politicians and experts and no less than 90% of foreign ones understood that a different era began on 19.10.21.

It is important to observe – “they still take off their hat” when they meet with the “white gentleman” or “take them out of their wide trousers …” the conductors of the president’s policy. The depth of perception of the President’s message depends on this. The Munich speech is the first call, they began to re-read and disassemble for quotes 10 years later, not because the Americans are stupid, but because it was devalued by those who are supposed to explain, and not hint, by status – bear with it and everything will return to normal.

The United States, unlike Russia, considers the enemy not the one who attacked, but the one who can respond, is not ready to admit the defeat of the missionaries and the devaluation of soft power, so it will try to demonstrate local military superiority.

Russia’s task is to dispel the myth. “Vanity” will end with “Cuban Missile Crisis – 2”. There are many options, but the most probable is an unintentional escalation that arose against the background of the defeat of the NATO combat platform on the Russian border; the deployment of Poseidons off the coast of the United States in response to the deployment of the American INF forces in Europe; “Dismantling” of ocean communication cables in response to Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT.

It will end with the formation of a strategic triangle “USA – Russia – China”, where countries interact according to treaty rules or the transition to the preparation of “Cold War – 3”.

Cold War 3 will be brutal. Neither Russia nor the United States are ready for it at the moment. The US weakens the split in society, and Russia – the dependence on the information platforms controlled by the enemy and “missionary bookmarks”.

From the moment of the transfer of the function of missionaries to AI, information warfare will reach a new level – the “movement of brains” from the attacked to the attacking country will accelerate without changing permanent residence. When the number of irreconcilable supporters, opposing ideologies and values ​​is equal, the country is ready for a civil war. Enough provocation or a signal from the outside.

In the event of a civil conflict, one of the groups will be defeated or destroyed, depending on the capabilities and desires of the enemy. A return to Cold War 2 increases Russia’s chances of winning not only the second, but also the third war, so the strategic triangle is a reality.

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