MAJOR: Russia Confirms Its Already Working on Avangard Replacement


MOSCOW – “Russian weapons developers are not standing idle and are continuing to work on the creation of prospective hypersonic systems. In the foreseeable future, these systems will replace the now infamous (in the West) 28-Mach capable ‘Avangard’ hypersonic glide vehicles”, Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) Sergei Karakaev noted in a statement regarding the Russian military’s prospects of rearmament with new strategic weapons.

According to Colonel-General Karakaev, Russia was the first to put hypersonic systems into service, but other countries are also moving forward, conducting their research and development in this field. The US claims it is working on both creating its own hypersonic weapons and the neutralization of Russian and Chinese ones. “Still, by the time the US finds a way to neutralize weapons like the “Avangard”, Russia will put new strategic hypersonic systems into service”, Colonel-General Karakaev stressed. He added that work in this direction is moving on rather intensively in Russia.

Russia has put “Avangard” hypersonic glide vehicles into service back in 2019. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the future missile carrier on which the “Avangard” will be based is the notorious “Sarmat” ICBMs, which will replace the older UR-100N UTTH on which it is currently deployed. Once complete, the first stage of deployment is planned to be finished with two regiments armed with “Avangard” HGVs, each of which will have 6 silo-based ICBMs.

Adding to the topic of re-equipping the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Karakaev noted that in addition to the development of land-based ICBMs, hypersonic weapons and other strategic systems, work is underway to also create a new mobile complex, which is projected to replace the RS-24 “Yars” ICBM, which is currently the most numerous mobile ICBM system in Russian service.

The Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces did not give any further details on the new developments, limiting himself to a statement that the development of a new mobile ground-based missile system was underway. The RS-24 “Yars” ICBM now complements the legendary “Topol” and “Topol-M” mobile ICBM complexes.

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Florian Geyer
Florian Geyer
27 days ago

Well done Russia.

The NATO gang that has for 70 years, raped and pillaged nations that cannot match the military power of the US and NATO, are now confronted by Russia and China that CAN confront the aggression of NATO, and Win WW3 if NATO is too dumb to start a war.

The US and it’s Western vassals are all essentially bankrupt and the only country with the national wealth to delay the economic fall of the US is Russia.

Russia will never kneel before the gangster dominated West.

15 days ago

These are weapons that will never be used. The West sends swarms of houseflies and Russia builds sledgehammers.  

Russia is also defeated by its own ambivalence — half capitalist, half communist, fawning over the West while resisting the West, sitting on a fence of bayonets, acting like a deer in the headlights as NATO’s runaway train approaches.  

The result is what I am beginning to call the “Putin Paralysis” — Putin fiddling behind a wall of meaningless utopian all-or-nothing ideals while USkraine burns. Communists understood that the world of absolute ideals is self-delusion: The real world is a material world, with colors and shades.

Like a Russian Orthodox saint, Russia is constantly flagellating itself, begging the West for forgiveness, denying lustful tendencies and desires, promising to be good, always on the defensive, lamenting and deploring the behavior of the West while doing next to nothing to stop it. These Russian speeches, devoid of substance, now make me cringe.  

Russia needs weapons that it can actually use, here and now, to block NATO’s wanton aggression. non-apocalyptic weapons, small practical weapons that can be used in a carefully measured way — fewer nukes and more paintball guns.

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