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Now or Never: The Great ‘Transition’ Must Be Imposed

Published 2021-12-01 23:56:21 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Eu, Headline-News, United-States

By Alastair Crooke A new wave of restrictions, more lockdowns, and – eventually – trillions of dollars in new stimmie cheques may be in prospect. Were you following the news this last week? Vaccine mandates are everywhere: one country, after another, is doubling-down, to try to force, or legally compel, full population vaccination. The mandates are coming because of the massive uptick in Covid – most of all in the places where the experimental mRNA gene therapies were deployed en masse. And (no coincidence), this ‘marker’ has come just as U.S. Covid deaths in 2021 have surpassed those of 2020. This has happened,… Continue ->


Mendeleyev, Witte and the Revival of Russia’s Lost Revolutionary Potential of 1905

Published 2021-12-01 06:18:11 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Featured, Headline-News, Russia

In my last article in this history series, I attempted to shed some light on President Putin’s reasons for claiming the Bolshevik Revolution did significantly more harm than good to humanity over a century ago. My primary intention in that location was to demonstrate that revolutionary the events of 1905 and again in 1917 had many characteristics of a foreign-directed regime change which disrupted a true revolutionary process then coming into being. In this sequel I would like to delve more deeply into the 1867-1905 period of vast revolutionary potential that swept across the globe which the counter-revolution of 1905 and 1917… Continue ->


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