Drafting Women in Ukraine


Written by Christelle Nil

In a totally delirious drift worthy of the VolkSturm (which enlisted adolescents, old men, and other civilians to defend Germany at the end of the Third Reich), some in Ukraine are thinking to send children to fight in case of war, after the Ministry of Defense has already forced women to register for the draft.

At the end of December 2021, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense introduced the obligation for women working in several hundred specialties to register to be called upon to serve in the army if necessary.

Accountants to managers, physiotherapists, veterinarians, lawyers, bus drivers, secretaries and even journalists, millions of Ukrainian women are thus obliged to register for the military and to pass a medical examination to determine if they are able to serve. Millions of Ukrainians from 18 to 60 years old (yes, yes, 60 years old !!!), even pregnant women, or mothers with young children, will thus be registered forcibly as reserves!

Employers or future employers of women entering these specialties must ensure that they have registered in the military records, otherwise they will lose their jobs or can not be hired. Ukrainian women have up to the end of 2022 to comply with this order of the Ministry of Defense. Those who will dodging the draft can be  fined from 510 to 820 hryvnia, and from 850 to 1,700 if the violation is repeated.

Though the Ukrainian Defense Ministry promises that women will not be subject to military exercises and incorporated into the army only if they wish, in fact, the goal is to force them to the military service with men.

Indeed, as pointed out by the former Ukrainian Minister of Justice, Elena Loukach, the voluntary side of the commitment of women thus listed in the military registers is only valid in time of peace. Thanks to a law adopted by the RADA in April 2021, in the event of war, “women, listed in the military register, may be called upon to do their military service or participate in work in time to ensure the defense of the ‘State “.Actually of course, Ukraine has not been “in peacetime” since March 17, 2014 and the decree introducing the “exceptional period” (martial law that does not say its name) has allowed the mobilization of men. This means that in reality military service and participation in military exercises for women is not at all optional as claimed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, but mandatory just as for men!

This measure is neither more nor less than the implementation of the Declaration of Volodymyr Zelensky of December 25, 2020, where he said during an interview that in case of war with Russia, both men and Women would be mobilized to defend Ukraine!

How has a country of 37 million people (which therefore theoretically can mobilize several million men) come to such a measure? Well, it’s because conscription campaigns have long been a disaster and that Ukraine lacks cannon fodder, sorry, soldiers.

The problem is that this measure is raising a lot of trouble in Ukrainian society. A petition published on the Ukrainian President’s site — requesting the withdrawal of this measure that they qualify as “scandalous” and “mockery with regard to women” — has already collected enough signatures to be considered by the head of the state.

And on social networks, Ukrainians and Ukrainians are unleashed against Zelensky and his wife following this order.

Some emphasized that it is inadmissible that Zelensky forces Ukrainian women to do their military service, while he did not do it himself in 2014-2015, despite four calls for conscription sent to his address.

Others like this woman, interviewed the sidewalk by the Strana media, openly say that there is nothing left to defend (after the law authorizing the sale of agricultural land) and they will not go about risking their skin to defend the property of Porochenko or Zelensky.

“Negative. The land has been sold – we have nothing to defend. It is out of the question that I defend the property of Poroshenko, Zelensky, and others,” replied the woman. She concluded her remarks with middle finger addressed to the  President of Ukraine and his other senior officials: “This is for you!”

Zelensky’s wife also found herself under fire from criticism following a post on her Instagram account.

“Ms. Zelensky, we are awaiting a response regarding your registration with the military registry,” wrote one of her subscribers.

“When do you register at the military registration office? Show by example! Another asked.

“Who had the idea of ​​putting women on the military register? It makes no sense!” another commentator wrote.

Some even demanded a photo of Zelensky’s wife from the front line.

“Lenka, we’re waiting for your photo from the trenches!” One commentator wrote wryly.

Following the scandal unleashed in Ukraine by this order from the Defense Ministry, Rada deputies proposed that the registration of women in military registers be voluntary and not compulsory, in order to calm the spirits. Sixty Ukrainian deputies have thus proposed a bill making the registration of women in military registers voluntary (except for doctors).

And while some try to put out the fire, others add fuel to the it, such as Ukrainian political scientist Alexander Kotchetkov, who in an article for Glavred has proposed enlisting the children to defend Ukraine in the event of war with Russia, in what looks like a bad remake of the Volkssturm.

“There is a reason for recruiting women for military service. It is for Special Ops that the protagonists’ level of training matters. But modern warfare is a statistic of large numbers. According to which the probable losses of the aggressor are directly proportional to the number of soldiers that the defending side is able to put under arms. And it doesn’t matter which – male, female, or teenage, the bottom line is that they shoot machine guns and other weapons at the enemy. In the case of group fire, the theory of probability will work, and the bullets and shells will find their target,” he writes.

Anyone knowing a little bit of history (and among other things that of the Volkssturm, its enormous losses, and its inability in 1944-1945 to stop enemy armies whether in the west or in the east), knowing what modern war really is, and knowing the weaponry available to the Russian army, among other things, can only be stunned in the face of such a heap of nonsense. The only thing that sending inexperienced women and children to shoot against the enemy will succeed in, is dramatically increasing the losses of the Ukrainian side, and deepening the country’s already abysmal demographic deficit!Ukraine’s demographic deficit will certainly worsen more and more following the order of the Defense Ministry to force women to register in military registers. Because after such a blow, all women able to emigrate will do so (like the men before them) to escape military enlistment, and prevent their children or future children from being the next to be registered to become soldiers to serve as cannon fodder.

Originally from Donbass Insider

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18 days ago

Great news! Women have wanted equality for so long, now it is time to take equal responsibility for their country’s survival!

17 days ago

How sad, to look at those women who are told that violence and destruction are the way to “save” their country. All they all need to do is force Zelzinsky to accede to the Minsk agreement of 2015. Give fair treatment to the Donbass republics, stop the nonsensical plans to fight Russia militarily and lose disastrously, and avoid the USA and NATO who pretend to “help” you.

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