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Kazakhstan & Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty, Then & Now

Published 2022-01-08 17:28:20 by Ronald Thomas West in Eurasia, Headline-News, Kazakhstan

EE Cummings, Thanksgiving, 1956: a monstering horror swallowsthis unworld me by youas the god of our fathers’ father bowsto a which that walks like a who but the voice-with-a-smile of democracyannounces night & day“all poor little peoples that want to be freejust trust in the u s a” suddenly uprose hungaryand she gave a terrible cry“no slave’s unlife shall murder mefor i will freely die” she cried so high thermopylaeheard her and marathonand all prehuman historyand finally The UN “be quiet little hungaryand do as you are bida good kind bear is angarywe fear for the quo pro quid” uncle… Continue ->


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