Fort Russ News is a crack team of freedom fighters doing journalism  – reaching more than 100,000 readers a day – with a focus primarily on the trials and tribulations of modernity, and anti-imperialist struggles world-wide which signal the rise of a multipolar world.

We cover the multipolar revolution in real time, and are based firmly in the populist tradition of partisan journalism of the early 20th century. We reject the false model of ‘objective journalism’, as debunked by Robert W. McChesney’s groundbreaking monograph ‘The Problem of the Media‘. FRN openly declares its editorial bias. ‘Objective journalism’ was a false construct developed by corporate media to justify large monopolies. Can there be a view from nowhere? From everywhere all at once? Of course not.

Journalism and news has always been the marriage of facts and narrative – facts do not speak for themselves, as what facts are presented always tells a different story. There are an infinite number of facts in the world we live in, the narratives we present must be narratives that are at the same time sober, truthful, and empowering.

Founded at the end of 2014 to counter corporate disinformation, we are 100% independent.

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Fort Russ News bridges the gap between the information available in the Western corporate mainstream media and the reality on the ground.

We do this work within the framework of a solidly populist communitarian editorial line because we are concerned about security in the world today, as a new multipolar world has emerged in the wake of a fading  led unipolarity.

We have concerns that these changes will be accompanied by unnecessary war, destruction, and loss of life if the Western public is not informed.

This is why it is essential for citizens in the West to hear other perspectives from around the world.

Without government funding or corporate sponsorship, we rely on charitable contributions from readers like you.

Fort Russ News is the media wing and project of the Belgrade based NGO, the Center for Syncretic Studies, and serves as the central organ of the nascent social movement, New Resistance.







We are:

Joaquin Flores – Editor in Chief, News Director, and Business Manager, and Owner of FRN

Tom Winter – Editor and Translator (French, German, Russian, Greek, Italian), Columnist

Drago Bosnic – Editor and Translator (Serbian), Columnist

… and guest contributors