50 shades of brown of the new Ukrainian parliament



“New Rada will be nationalist-oriented, and it will not represent the views of approximately half or more of citizens of Ukraine, namely, inhabitants of the South-East,” – says political scientist Denis Denisov, Director of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries. 

“We will see no more than 20-30 people who represent South-East Ukraine in the parliament, and that is a stretch. In the next Parliament here will not be deputies who will argue for giving the Russian language the status of a second official, for the normalization of relations with Russia, for Ukraine’s integration into the processes that are taking place in the post-Soviet space, namely, for participation in a Eurasian Union, economic Union or facilitating the participation of Ukraine in the CIS. But these issues did not become less relevant for many people in the South-East. Unfortunately, the new Parliament will be that of “50 shades of brown”. This is tragic, but true. And these elections do not lead to stabilization of the situation in the country, ” – said the expert.


Translated by Kristina Rus

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