Event: Odessa massacre protest in NYC, Times Square, Sunday, November 2



Tell the U.S., Ukraine and the media:

We will remember the 48 anti-fascists and trade unionists murdered by neo-Nazis in Odessa, Ukraine, on May 2, 2014.

We will also honor Mike Brown (Ferguson), Jennifer Laude (Philippines), Eric Garner (Staten Island), Robert Serra (Venezuela) and other victims of U.S.-imperialist sponsored racism, fascism and bigotry around the world!

Sunday, Nov. 2 – 1pm
Times Square Military Recruiting Station
43rd St & Broadway, NYC

Join us to demand:…

– Independent investigation of the massacre and punishment of those responsible

-Autonomy and self-determination for Odessa and all of junta-occupied southeast Ukraine

– Stop U.S. money and weapons to Ukraine dictatorship

– Stop the war against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk (Novorossia)

– End NATO expansion, military threats and sanctions against Russia

Free Vlad Wojciechowski, Nikolai Popov and all political prisoners

Called by: Solidarity with Antifascists in Ukraine Committee
of the International Action Center




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