Is the Minsk Agreement Just a Pause?

– Ceasefire is not a pact or agreement, setting borders and sovereignty

– It’s simply a pause in military operations, particularly offensive operations

– Its not a commitment (something like a ‘promise to marry’)

– Extra time was bought to refurbish the trophies

– Hundreds of prisoners exchanged

– Time bought to repair infrastructure before winter

– Novorossiya army was saved from a cushing defeat in Mariupol:

Think about it, what is it like to take a city of 450,000 people? Now compare in your mind a siege of Mariupol and Donetsk airport. The airport is still not entirely taken. As you can imagine fighting in a city is much more difficult then in an airport. The Minsk agreement and a decision not to continue with seige of Mariupol, Kramatorsk and Slavyansk saved many lives and the entire Novorossiya army! Especially in Mariupol, militia had to surround the city, it would turn its back to Ukrainian forces from the West and be trapped from two sides. That could result in a crushing defeat and a cauldron. Now these forces have been pulled to starting defensive positions in an uninterrupted front line with protected homefront. According to one source, this plan was developed with the aid of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

Despite the dubious ceasefire, the fighting continues. It is more thought out and localized. In Lugansk Republic there is even advancement on localities in the North, creating opportunities for a new cauldron.

The agreements are constantly broken. ‘The silent regime’ is not adhered to.

The fake ‘break’ in fighting is clearly not in Kiev’s best interest and has a demoralizing effect on the Ukrainian forces, while it gave the NAF a breather it desperately needed.

Agreements are made to be broken. After another round of shelling, Novorossiya can pick the right time to announce that the ‘ceasefire’ is no longer in effect.

(Image: “To Kiev”)

Author: @Artem from

Translated by Kristina Rus


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