October 19: Fighting continues at two block posts at Bakhmutovka


Militiaman Prokhorov and press-center of “ATO” reported about a breakthrough to blockpost No. 32 at Bakhmutka of 80-th Airmobile Brigade of UAF:

“The Cossacks took the route Lugansk-Lisichansk under control  —  earlier they fired on ukrop positions near Nizhnee and Toshkovka (not in the villages, but the block posts on the outskirts).

Since 7 am ukrop again was trying to deblock Bakhmutka, apparently there are still Lvov paratroopers left.”

“By Bakhmutka Ukrainian troops partially broke through to blockpost No. 32. Artillery is hitting the ukrop. 32-nd block post was the most damaged, and is one of the four surrounded block posts. If you are interested in the details, Lvov paratroopers brought them water and ammo, but under fire of the militia had largely retreated,” – said militiaman Prokhorov.

Press-center of ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation):

“In accordance with the instructions of the President of Ukraine, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the night of 18 to 19 October, units of the armed forces of Ukraine, performing combat tasks in the anti-terrorist operation, carried out a raid to the block post No. 32 (near Smeloe, Lugansk region), where one tank and manpower of the militia was destroyed. The forces of “ATO” delivered two tons of water, food, and enough arms and ammunition to the block post.”

“Fighting with the militia in Bakhmutka continues now. There are no losses among the security forces, but at least three of them were injured,” – told “Channel 5” on the phone one of the soldiers of the 80th Airmobile Brigade, which defended approaches to the town.

“We remind that in Bakhmutka the Cossacks of Paul Dremov blocked and were storming the four National Guard block posts for several days. Reinforcements of Ukrainian troops sent a few times suffered heavy losses.”

PS Update from Prokhorov 22.00 local time:

 “About Bakhmutka – in its blocking are involved units of the 95-th aeromobile brigade, 24-th mechanised, 8th special forces regiment and 24th battalion Aidar. Went in fighting – Cossacks did not engage close. 31st block post was de-blocked as well. Ukropy are filling up the road with their forces, but let me remind you – they are under constant bombardment. But still ukropy continue to move along the road.

Also, ukropy took the empty village of Crimskoe (Moskalenko Cossacks left it last night).

In the meantime, ukropy were under fire in Nikishino, Sophievka and Chernushino (Debaltsevo ukrop-group), as well as in Peski.

Near Volnovaha fighting is in Burgas and Nikolaevka (between Dokuchaevsk and Volnovaha). Ukrop has fortified positions there, as well as in Stepnoe (West of Dokuchaevsk)”

Translated by Kristina Rus

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