NAF Commander Igor ‘Bes’ Besler Press-Conference

B.: I endorse and will vote for Zakharchenko and support the Minsk agreement, bad peace is better then good war. I don’t discuss orders.

Q.: Do you obey orders from your superiors?

B.: Absolutely! I am a military man. We have a strict hierarchy. I follow orders from the Ministry of Defence.

(I wonder what El Murid would say about that?)

B.: There is no Russian army here

(And a few minutes later, answering a question)

Q.: Why are Slavic people fighting against Slavic people?

B.: It’s America fighting against Russia until the last Ukrainian

(Did he let it slip and say too much?)

Q.: And how is Russia’s part manifesting itself?

B.: Helping us with humanitarian aid…

B.: I am a Russian German. My nationaliy is German, but I have a Russian soul

(There is also some kind of NAF Coordination Center. He said, he reports incidents of Ukrainian fire to the Coordination Center, but they don’t shoot back.)

He used to work as a head of security at a local factory.

B.: There are no disagreements in our ranks. I have 5,000 under my command, including Cossacks. Everyone gets along

(Now lets count all the commanders and multiply by 5,000?)

B.: Battalions Aidar, Azov and Donbass do not obey Kiev

B.:Yesterday Gorlovka was shelled and 4 militia guys died and one local resident.
 But people are returning to Gorlovka, we even have traffic here!

Q.: What kind of political outcome do you want?

B.: My goal is to irradicate fascism in Ukraine, and then we can talk about territorial issues and everything else.

B.: Zagrad-brigades do exist. They shoot all their own deserters immediately.

About the fake Boeing MH-17 tape:

B.: I was reporting about the downing of SU-25 of the Ukrainian army. About the Boeing we found out when our people stumbled on the wreckage. I don’t have the capability to shoot down a plane at such altitude. Poroshenko and his new Minister of Defence need to answer some questions to the world community. It was shot down from BUK-15 from Artemovsk by Ukrainian army. My recon groups saw this BUK leaving and we saw the video of it online leaving Artemovsk. I don’t have specialists who could work on such installations. They are coal miners. You need months of training to operate a BUK. I think the Ministry of Defence of Russia showed a very good presentation of whose planes were near the Boeing, and who shot it.

Q.: What kind of people are fighting with you?

B.: Local residents

Q.: What about Russian volunteers?

B.: Of course, we have volunteers from everywhere, but it’s not the Russian army, we got Germans, French, even Americans. My commander of a tank brigade is Czech.

Q.: What about foreign mercenaries on the other side?

B.: Poles, blacks. Blacks – don’t know from which country. Poles – 128 of them, who attacked Dzerzhinsk, we chased them into the administration building and burnt them all. In Artemovsk we destroyed a brigade of Arabs from the French Legion.

Q.: Did you capture any?

B.: At that time we didn’t have any desire to capture them, but now we do.

Q.: Is Kiev pulling out forces?

B.: Not pulling, just concentrating more around Gorlovka.


Translated by Kristina Rus

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