Situation ‘greatly intensifying’ on the fronts (October 20, 01:00 local time)


The situation in Donetsk is critical. Yesterday the city was hit with Tochka-U in Gornyak district, particularly an administrative building, coal mine #17, and destroyed a pre-school nearby.
Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky and Petrovsky districts came under mortar and artillery fire. The airport was hit with Grad and heavy mortars. In the morning an attempt was made by UAF to break through to the airport. Ukrainian media keeps saying UAF controls the airport  (not true).

Gorlovka – situation is tense. Localized fighting, movement of UAF aircraft (several MI-8 from Artemovsk)

Makeevka – at 7 am the city was shelled with artillery.

Avdeevka – 3 artillery positions were destroyed by militia.

Enakievo – at night NAF recon group fired on UAF block post near Olhovtka.

Maryinsky district – UAF positions near Krasnogorovka were fired on from guns and mortars during the night

Debaltsevo – after a short break fighting resumed in the suburbs

Dokuchaevsk – the city was targeted with a massive artillery strike from the direction of Volnovaha, comparable to attack on Donetsk airport.

Volnovaha – militia hit enemy artillery positions in response to the strike on Dokuchaevsk. Then heavy fighting broke out in Zhuravel. Militia was able to push UAF away from the outskirts of the town.

Shakhtersk district – fighting in Nikishino and Orlovo-Ivanovsk still going.

Yasinovaty district – Peski is tense, fighting breaks out sporadically. NAF is targeting UAF positions. Localized fighting broke out in Nevelskoe.

Therefore Donetsk section of the front has not changed. Sporadic mortar and artillery duels often break the strange ‘ceasfire’ in Debaltsevo. The hot spots in Avdeevka, Peski, Nikishino and Donetsk airport keep flaring up with different intensity.

Pervomaisk — this morning militia fired at block posts near Nizhnee and Toshkovka.


Popasnaya – art duels continue  in Pervomaysk. No word about losses and damage.


Alchevsk – reports about shelling of the outskirts of the city during the day (presumably from howitzers).


Bryanka – fighting continues near Lomovatka, recon groups from both sides are active.


Stanitsa Luganskaya – the situation in this sector of the front has greatly intensified, the punishers started active fighting, in response, the militia shelled positions of ‘Ukrovermaht’ (in the morning militia striked positions of ‘Ukrovermaht’ in Nizhneteploe with mortars).


Schastje – reports of a large militia attack on the city. Ukry also complained about night shelling from the direction of Veselaja Gora.


In general, the situation here has changed for the better for the militia: cutting off the punishers and a formation of a new cauldron became possible (the important thing is to have enough forces for its sweep).


Slavyanoserbsk district — recent developments with surrounding of  nazgads at two block posts near Bakhumtovka road (where subsequently punisher’s reinforcements were pulled, trying to break through with tanks), led to a formation of a cauldron. Now near Smeloe and Horoshee 100 nazgads are blocked (according to other sources — up to 200). Very touching was that the brave banderites, left without ammo, food and command support, called reporters from ZIK.UA and asked for help (it is not clear just for help with what: with a video message to the Cossacks, asking to let them go, or a couple of martial microphones and a 120-mm video camera?) Today paratroopers tried to break through, but under the fire of militia artillery retreated; attempts to deliver ammunition and food to surrounded nazgads failed.


Thus, Lugansk direction of the front got heated. Finally, militia became very active in the area of Schastje.


Translated by Kristina Rus

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