Transcarpathia – the land of Western Ukrainian separatists



On September 16, 2014 in front of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest a rally was organized by the participants of a Congress of the World Council of Hungarians and the World Council of Carpathian Rusyns, which was held there on September 11, 2014.

The Congress adopted a resolution forwarded to the European Parliament, the Government of Hungary and the Ukrainian authorities, demanding:

– a federal status for the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine

– an end to the civil war in the country

– a ban of the extremist and fascist organizations

A Russian blogger speculated about the tangible benefits for Transcarpathian separatism:

1) If Transcarpathia joined Hungary, to which it belonged historically, all its inhabitants will automatically become fully-fledged Europeans, not euro-integrated, like the Libyans or Turks.

2) No one wants to pay the insane Ukrainian debts. The last one standing will inherit all the debt.

3) Nobody wants to fight in Donbass except for the radicals from the Right Sector. Rusyns have already sabotaged the mobilization.

4) A two-front war will be too much for Ukraine, so the separation would go much quieter than Donbass.

5) Hungary, unlike Ukraine, has no problems with gas.

When could we expect a separation of Rusyns? Hard to tell, but right after the election, which would traditionally accompany another Maidan and turmoil, would be good timing for a referendum.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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