Ukrainian nation is 100 years old (according to their newspaper archives)


Dmitry Sedov for Rusvesna

It turns out back in 1893, the newspaper of immigrants from Malorossia, ‘Svoboda’ called its readers ‘Russian’ and the subtitle was “Chronicles of the Russian people in

Despite the efforts of two Polish nobles, Ptotsky and Chatsky, at that time the names ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Ukrainian’ were not yet common. The newspaper was devoted entirely to the life of the expats from Malorossia and had no connection to Velikorossia. Nevertheless, the debate about a new name for malorossians continued. And on October 15, 1914, ‘Svoboda’ was first printed with the subtitle “The newspaper for the Ukrainian people.” It has happened! ‘The Ukrainian people’ were born!



Translated by Kristina Rus

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