Ethnically pure Ukrainian state doesn’t fit into the old boundaries

Maxim Karpenko for Politnavigator

“The cause of the tragic events in Ukraine is the choice of Kiev in favor of construction of “ethnically pure Ukrainian state” model, which does not fit in within the boundaries of the former Soviet Republic,” – said associate professor of World Politics from the Higher School of Economics, Andrei Suzdaltsev at the talk show “Pravo Golosa”.

The political scientist believes that the process of fragmenting of Ukraine will continue, because in local cities there are already strong leaders.

“Ukraine continues to crumble. DPR and LPR as parties – they had won their part, same with Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov. Ukraine can not have a single leader. There are strong regional leaders. And the reason for that is Maidan,” – believes Suzdaltsev.

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