Novorossia headlines summary, November 6, 2014

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November 6, 2014

It finally became clear that to serve in territorial battalions is better then in UAF. If you left the army, then you are a deserter and you are prosecuted. Relatives will protest. But for the most part, who cares, you are not a hero, and therefore disposable.

But, if you left with weapons from a territorial battalion, no one can tell you what to do. You are not listed anywhere, it doesn’t say that you should be on the front. You have no money? No worries, go to Kiev, patriotically raid some businesses. Or take part in dividing spheres of influence with another ideological organization. Romantic life …

And it is many times safer, then to freeze under fire at the front. Especially that the not-a-ceasefire is over. And Turchinov called for liberation of the territory from the gunmen, with whom there is no point of talking. The security forces have heard that call and lost 5 vehicles along with personnel during the offence.  After such success, ATO command announced, that there was no attack, and practically no losses during the day. Only Novorossia talked about peace and unwillingness to fight.

However, the war continues, and the ranks of Ukrainian security forces are thinning. Either from desertion, or from natural causes. Odessa is forming a new territorial battalion, we will hope that the previous one went to Kiev, to improve the quality of life.

Kiev is forecasting a loss of defence capacity in the nearest future, looking for a union with other states for a war with Russia. Its not clear what they are hoping for, since Poland equated Ukraine to Africa. But hope springs eternal. Perhaps, it’s because of Poland’s announcement about a cruel Russian invasion. But as Ukrainians heard many times – to announce doesn’t mean to marry.

Kiev government has no choice – either war or people will ask too many questions.  Odessa already started, they are freezing without heat. Kharkov is warm, but has no water. And there is a problem with refugees, already 450,000 on the territory of Ukraine. And everyone wants to eat, but there is no money.

EU announced that they did not guarantee the payment of Ukrainian gas debt and financial questions are difficult. Most difficult for those relying on state budget. Overall, default is coming. Donetsk and Lugansk gas and electricity debt will be covered with pensions of Donetsk and Lugansk grandmas and grandpas.

But even without such announcement the idea of a unified Ukraine is falling apart. Lvov is not happy to see Ukrainian soccer players from Donetsk. Ukrainians will have to pass through customs to go to the rebel territory, just like Crimea.

Avakov doesn’t want to investigate the murders on Maidan.  In Odessa someone stole a statue of Zhukov, and beheaded Lenin – therefore everything is fine only with the national idea.

Seems like in Ukraine in the nearest future only pigs in Central and Western regions will be most happy. They have no war, and dollar is over 14 UAH, and therefore an average pig will live longer, because people cannot afford pork. Crimea also added to their joy by refusing to allow pork to cross the border. Another words, Ukrainian pigs could not dream about such bliss.

Kiev electorate heard one good news, Poroshenko promised to pay amputees for their prosthetics.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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