A Hundred Thousand Dollars For a Job at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Sergey Berezovsky – Facebook

“For the opportunity to work at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau candidates are asked for a bribe in the amount of 100 thousand dollars” – posted on Facebook the chief editor of the Lvov newspaper “Ratusha”, a well-known crime journalist Nikolai Saveliev, referring to his sources in law enforcement agencies.

“This must be stopped! An acquaintance from law enforcement decided that his career had reached its limit. He decided to go higher and become the ultimate fighter with Anti-Corruption Bureau. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine – a law enforcement agency with a broad power of authority is responsible for prevention, detection, suppression and investigation of corruption crimes. He started looking in Kiev. And found what he was looking for. And now – the sensation. For the right to enter into the orderly ranks of this Bureau, which will have 700+ employees and very great powers, the detective was asked for $100,000 with a promise that he will get at least half back in the first quarter. In September, the opportunity to become the knight of integrity cost only $50,000! But now, elections were held and everything magically changed”.

Saveliev added that he checked several additional channels and received confirmation that it was true.
“It’s true! SBU, Revenue Service, UBOP – all who sought a job at AB are asked for cash! I do not want to remember in vain the “Heavenly Hundred” and men killed and injured in the ATO, but other then “Curse you bastards!!!!” I have no other words. Feel weary. Will this abyss the end?” – wrote the journalist.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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