“Lvov is a Polish City”


A flag of about 6 meters size was discovered on the mound in honor of the Union of Lublin, which is located in the High Park Castle in Lvov. This mound is the highest point in the city.

Besides an inscription “Lvov is a Polish city”, there was also a logo of Legia soccer fans. According to eyewitnesses, the flag was mined with several improvised explosive devices.

Recall that earlier, during a soccer match of the Warsaw club Legia with Kharkov Metallist, fans displayed a banner with the inscription ‘Lvov’ and ‘Vilnius’ with the background of Polish flag colors. Police and bomb experts dismantled the flag and the improvised explosive devices.

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  • Kristina Kharlova

    I am a Polish citizen and I say: "Lvov is not a polish city". Do not believe in honesty of the nationalist statements these days. Nearly every time, they're a paid by CIA provocation and their goal is a war, not peace.

  • Kristina Kharlova

    Polish fascists are too small for the CIA. They are angry, because Polish government and media fanatically support Ukrainian junta. The same junta that glorifies UPA and OUN who slaughtered Polish civilians in most brutal ways. Even SS officers described UPA as "too barbaric". Now the Junta is building monuments for UPA and Bandera and almost nobody in Poland gives a shit about those innocent civilians who were murdered. That's why I will support such actions, even if they are done by fascists.