DPR Ministry of Defense Report for January 25


DPR Ministry of Defense Report for January 25

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Ukrainian active offensive operations stopped after the enemy’s
shelling of civilian areas of Mariupol, which caused numerous casualties.

Ukrainian forces are regrouping, bringing up reserves, and
conducting harassing artillery fire of DPR army positions. We are noting active
enemy reconnaissance aimed at determining DPR military positions in order to
strike them with artillery fire. DPR forces remain in defensive positions.

Over the last day enemy losses included 2 tanks, 4 other armored
vehicles, and up to 20 killed and wounded.

The most operationally complex situation is on the
Debaltsevo sector, where over the course of the day the enemy undertook
attempts to break our defensive lines and seize Gorlovka and Novoorlovka, using
massed artillery fire and mechanized attacks. All these attempts were defeated
by DPR and LPR forces conducting  a
mobile defense.

Six Ukrainian servicemembers surrendered today. In spite of
the difficult situation, all Ukrainian military personnel who surrender receive
medical aid. Our investigators also work with them.

Over the course of the day we noted 30 incidents of shelling
of populated areas in DPR. There were three civilian casualties (one woman and
two men) in the Kuybyshev region of Donetsk.

Shells struck: Dagestanskaya street (boiler plant damaged),
Shakhterov Donbassa street, Engelsa, Mikhaylovskogo, Sobolevskogo,
Krasnolesnaya, Slavina (also a boiler plant damaged).

Shells also struck Makeevka: streets Truskavetskaya, Tychiny
(Technical School No. 87). The vicinity of Dokuchaevsk and Elenovka was also

An explosive object fell into Hospital No. 21 in Donetsk at

Ukrainian forces attempted to break through and seize the
town of Elenovka, during which two enemy tanks and two BMPs were destroyed.
Elenovka remains under our control, the enemy failed to carry out his mission.

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  • Kristina Kharlova

    I see he is toning his rhetoric way down since the Mariupol incident. Damn. I was afraid this would lead to another 'peace process' to stop the offensive. This report is very different from bold claims being put out by militia and their supporters. What is true?

  • Kristina Kharlova

    Is Zakharchenko saying that NAF has stopped offensive operations?