Fighting at Peski continues–Kiev forces still in retreat


DNR Army Enters Peski, Fighting Continues, AFU Abandons
Positions Under Pressure

Militiaman Aleksandr Zhukovskiy described how the DNR army
entered Peski and is fighting for this strategically important location.

“Russian militiamen have entered Peski. It’s not under
complete control yet, but everything is going in the right direction, as
Ukrainians are abandoning positions under militia pressure.”

“If we can hold Peski, artillery bombardments of Donetsk
will slacken (though one can still fire from the direction of Avdeyevka, which
is what’s happening right now). We, the Semyonovskiy Battalion are in battle
readiness along the southern direction.”

“Our guys’ fingers are itching to continue the banquet in
Mariupol. I hope that the September scenario will not be repeated, and that we’ll
either carry out a victorious advance or a slow but sure ejection of the enemy
from the city, including through encirclement.”

“I will be in the Russian Federation until Tuesday, to
receive important cargo, buy equipment for the fighters, meet new recruits. So no
‘news from the field’ until after the 21st.”

“Incidentally, the flow of Russian volunteers has sharply
increased since the holidays, I’m not keeping up with applications (just like
the good old days during the summer).”

“What’s interesting is that the number of new arrivals with
combat experience is growing.”

Translator’s Note: So the objectives appear to be as before:
a limited offensive with the objective of reducing the vulnerability of Donetsk
to shelling. The operations in other sectors seem to be aimed at drawing off
Ukrainian reserves so as to make the recapture of the airport impossible.
Though as the situation develops, more ambitious scenarios may become plausible
though, as noted by Tsarev, Pushilin, Zakharchenko, and other Novorossia
leaders, nobody has any intention of making the people of Ukraine happy against
their own will. But, considering the uptick of violence in Kharkov, Odessa,
Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, anti-Kiev risings in those parts of the country cannot
be ruled out either. The report is also an interesting insight into Novorossia’s
lifeline to the Russian Federation, and its mention in a news report like this
is probably also intended to make it clear to Kiev that its operational plans
are doomed to failure.

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  • Kristina Kharlova

    Wow maybe a little 'too much information', lol. Best keep this out of public view, it won't help our heroes to give the US/EU fodder to drag through their media.

  • Kristina Kharlova

    Too much information…. BUT ….. who is the guy? have you ever heard of his battalion? he calls his own side "Russians" ????? very very few commanders are authorised to talk, certainly no ordinary "militiamen"….nor do those go to Russia to buy stuff (jhalfway into a battle). This has duck feathers all over it……

  • Kristina Kharlova

    Nationalistic-feeling guy, possibly not there, but blogging this up as regulars are too busy at the moment, 'Russian' here is by self-identification and refers to an idea (vague, like russian world, still different from the Western world ), –not Russian state or military.

  • Kristina Kharlova

    Donbass is much ethnically Russian, even if they aren't nationals.