Ukrainian Military Acknowledges Losing Donetsk Airport, Vows to Reclaim It


Ukrainian Security and Defense Committee: The Ukrainian
Command Decides to Launch a Massive Operation to Reclaim Donetsk Airport 

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk


“The Ukrainian command had decided to launch a large-scale
operation in order to return under the control of our forces the territory
currently located at the Donetsk airport,” said Andrey Lysenko, the USDC

The Russian Spring reported earlier that leaders of the
so-called CTO and members of the General Staff arrived in the vicinity of the
airport. Special operations troops are also being brought up.

Translator’s Note: Donetsk Airport has risen to the rank of
Verdun and Stalingrad, a geographical location whose importance is
psychological as well as physical. Whoever holds on to the airport can lay a
claim moral ascendancy over the enemy. Should DPR hold on to it, it will
survive any future challenge, while its loss would undermine the cohesion of
its forces. Should Ukraine fail to retake it, it’s difficult to see how it can
justify going through the mobilization of additional forces. Moreover, the
stepped up activity in other sectors of the front suggests the possibility DPR
wants to draw Ukrainian forces toward the airport, so as to make offensive
operations in other sectors of the front easier. DPR had displayed a high level
of military professionalism at all levels, from individual soldiers to its high
command. Their dedication is about to be tested one more time.

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  • Kristina Kharlova

    Poor Ukies… how does it feel to be cannon fodder at the whim of your puppet masters in Kiev, and their puppetmasters in London and Washington D.C.?

  • Kristina Kharlova

    Brave Ukies question not your Great Leader Porky Poroshenko aka Shlomo Walzman. The Nuland NAZI neocohens that gave you football faced rat-eyed, bankster gangster "Yatsy" and the Kiev gov'mint are very pleased with your gallant sacrifice for the zero 1%. Remember the battle is for the very survival of the Ponzi crapper in the Wall St casino of the Anglozionazi Potemkin Village of Washing town. Carry on…..dying, fools!