Did Putin kill Mozgovoy?

Alexey Mozgovoy

May 28, 2015

@El Chupanibre for Cont 

Translated by Kristina Rus

So, a person died. Killed, cowardly shot from an ambush.

A good man? How do I know, I’m just an ordinary Russian. Until now I only knew that there was such a person, and he is fighting with the rebels in Donbass.

A bad person? Don’t think so, judging by his bright face. His comrades could speak for his personal qualities, and I would love to hear it. With pleasure of a person receiving valuable knowledge about what until now I had not the slightest idea.

Why am I writing about this death if I know nothing about it? Because the information field is largely filled with the fact of his death – and if such a variety of bloggers are pouring into my ears about this tragedy, then why can’t I ponder about it in response? Not about the deceased.

What is poured into my ears

“Ghost” uniform decal

So, to start what do I know about him and his activities? Fought, participated, supervised.

“Ghost” battalion. Hmm. It just so happened that I saw the photo of their decal. My opinion, as someone who believes modesty is the highest virtue, the name and the symbol are somewhat pretentious. They attract attention, they give the taste of “Stalker” and “Metro 2020”, they are very good for PR. Perhaps — it works well to recruit young people. Can I afford to say regarding the “Ghost” that such stripes are good for a strikeball team? Probably not, the guys are on the front line, can allow themselves anything, when they walk under death. But I have a right to think anything, and I think that this image is very good for a media space. As well as teleconferences with Kiev, intended to demonstrate to the inhabitants of Ukraine that in Donbass they are not colorados and vatniki, but real people.

“Ghost” official symbol

So, for me personally, it turns out that Mozgovoy was first and foremost a media person, a fighter, standing at the front line of the information war. Consequently, the murder should be considered from this point of view.

And the first and most important conclusion: a murder of a media persona – is utter nonsense. It is impossible to come up with worse, more stupid idea, as this is always a detonation of an information bomb.

The Kremlin is accused of treachery. The Kremlin is accused of inhumanity. The Kremlin is accused of lack of coordination. Tell me, have you ever heard that the Kremlin has been actively accused of stupidity? The period of Gorbachev-Yeltsin does not count, still there was more treachery then.

But nevertheless, what I now actively hear – are different degrees of “kosher” hints that the Kremlin killed Mozgovoy. I will allow myself to say it out loud, since there is so much whispering in the corners. Not sure how whisperers will react.

Turns out, the Kremlin is so stupid that it detonated this infobomb under itself … yeah. Great. Then explain to me, why? The logic of the accusers is simple: “Interfered with the Minsk agreements”. With what, and how?

So far the political will of the Kremlin was enough to push America from the war in Syria.  Enough to make China and India talk about reconciliation. Enough for Kerry to crawl to Lavrov to ride the white victory.

And killed Mozgovoy, sure…

I would have laughed out loud, but the situation does not allow it: I have enough respect to the deceased.

Mozgovoy loudly proclaimed about the need to go to Kiev, to expand Novorossia. But excuse me, we still have in Russia “Echo of Moscow”, “Dozhd”, “Slon”…. I’m not even talking about the various pro-communist resources. They also talk a lot.

But killed Mozgovoy, yeah…

Since only few have the courage to announce that Mozgovoy was killed by Putin personally, and it is perceived accordingly, the idea is actively promoted that the towers of the Kremlin are not particularly in control of each other, and have no idea what is going on in the neighboring one.

I have no doubt that that was true, when Yeltsin was in power.

I suspect that it could happen in the USSR, with all the existing bureaucratic apparatus.

But excuse me, how does this fit in with accusations, again, about Putin’s usurpation of vertical power? And this vertical exists, he built a solid structure: actually it has been his mission over the last fifteen years. This is why he is so hated … in the West.

The machine is oiled. The machine works. The machine does what the operator wants. So it’s either Putin, or stop looking in the Kremlin.

And I don’t believe that Putin gave an order. This is my personal, narrow-minded disbelief, based on what I’ve seen so far in the politics of this man. This is understanding of complete dependence of Donbass on the supply of resources from Russia – no supply, and there will be no offensive on Kiev, then you can talk about this until blue in the face. This is awareness of the irrationality of the detonation of a media bomb just to shut the undesirable mouth. Forgive me, Mozgovoy, but somehow this is very reminiscent of Nemtsov’s death, by the performance of hell’s kitchen under the guidance of Tefft. Just the body of the deceased was changed.

But the garnish is the same.

P. S. In advance I apologize to the friends of the deceased for the last association. Guys, I didn’t cook it! I’m just asking the others not to swallow it.

KR: Judging by the reaction in some blogs and social media, never before has Putin been under so much fire over the course of Novorossia conflict, as after Mozgovoy’s murder. The impatient patriots have received there undeniable proof that “Putin is a traitor” and “in bed with oligarchs.” And we have heard before that for one interested party it doesn’t matter what to accuse Putin of – of being too patriotic, or not patriotic enough. The doubt has been planted, and there will be more where it came from until, the ideal (for some) critical mass is reached. 

Russia cannot be beaten from the outside, and so the plan is to rock the boat from the inside. And it has never been so stormy. 

Whether intended or not, but this murder is feeding the simmering Russian ultra-right. Haven’t we seen this script somewhere before? 

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