Ibran Mustafic: We were killing our own people in Srebrenica

July 8th, 2015 –

from There Must be Justice‘ – 

In light of today’s push-back and veto from Russia on the US & England’s proposed Security Council resolution on the ‘Genocide’ definition of the ‘Srebrenica Massacre’, we republish the below, originally from 2008. – Joaquin Flores 

A sensational confession of Ibran Mustafic, Bosniak war veteran and politician: “we were killing our own people in Srebrenica”.

At least 1,000 Bosnian Muslims from Srebrenica were killed by their compatriots during the breakthrough to Tuzla in July 1995, because there were lists of those who “have to be prevented from reaching the freedom,at any cost” said one of the founders of the SDA in Srebrenica, Ibran Mustafic .

**   Ibran Mustafic is the author of  the book “Planned chaos” whereas some of the crimes committed by soldiers of the (Muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Serbs  are for the first time recognized and described, as well as the permanent Western illegal arm shipment to Bosnian Muslim separatisis before and during the war, and what’s significant, even during the period when Srebrenica was demilitarized zone under UN protection.  Mustafic tells about inter Muslim clashes and general  debauchery  in the municipality which has been ruled by mafia under the Bosniak military commander, Naser Oric.  Because of the torture of ordinary people in 1994. when Oric and local authorities were selling humanitarian aid   at exorbitant prices – instead of giving it out to those in need – many Bosnians voluntarily fled Srebrenica. “Those who sought salvation through Serbia, managed to arrive at their final destination, and those who  fled towards Tuzla (ruled by Muslim army)  were persecuted “   Mustafic unveils. 

The first knowledge of the crimes against Serbs Mustafic got  in Tuzla where he escaped from Sarajevo in 1992.

“There,  he writes, my relative Mirsad Mustafic  shown me  a list of captured Serbian soldiers who were killed in the place called Zalazje.  Among other there were the names of his classmate Branko Simic with brother Pero, former judge Slobodan Ilic, driver from Zvornik Mijo Rakic ​​, nurse Rada Milanovic… Otherwise, in the battles in and around Srebrenica during the war there were more than 3,200 Serbs from this and neighboring municipalities killed.” 

Mustafic noted  the confession of Naser Oric , Bosnian Muslim war commander of Srebrenica “When we captured those (Serbs) in  Zalazje and took them from jail, the slaughter began.  I grabbed Slobodan Ilic. I went up to him on the chest. He was bearded and hairy like an animal . He looked at me and did not speak a word. I took the bayonet and directly hit him in one eye , and then spinned the knife I plunged there . He didn’t even beg! Then I hit him with a knife in the other eye. I could not believe remain mute!  Frankly that’s when I  got scared, so I immediately cut his throat! “

The book brings the story of his uncle Ibrahim Mustafic “Naser came and told me to immediately get ready and go by ” Zastava ”  (car) near the  Srebrenica prison. I  got dressed and left immediately. When I came to prison, they took all captured form Zalazje and I was ordered to transport them to Zalazje. When we got to the landfill,  they ordered me to stop and park the truck. I got out at a decent distance, but when I saw their rampage when the slaughter began , I felt sick, pale as a sheet. When Zulfo ( Tursunović )  shredded nurse Rada Milanovic’s breatst  with a knife, falsely asking where her radio station is, I did not have the courage to see it . I walked from the landfill and came to Srebrenica. When they drove a truck , and I went home in Potocari. The whole track was flooded with blood . ” – end quote ** 

The lists of the ‘unsuitable Bosniaks ”  were well known to then –  Muslim leadership and Alija Izetbegovic , and the existence of such a lists has been confirmed by dozens of people .” At least 10 times I heard former police chief Meholjic mentioning the lists.  However , I won’t be surprised if he decides to deny it  ”  believes Mustafic , who is also a longtime member of the organizing committee for the  events in Srebrenica .

According to Mustafic , the listing was done by the Srebrenica mafia including military and political leadership in Srebrenica, which was since 1993.  ” the master of life and death in the area”.

“If I was to sentence Oric (Naser Oric, notorius killer of more than 3000 Serbs in the Srebrenica area acquitted by ICT in Hague)  I would convict him to 20 years for the crimes he commited against Serbs;  for crimes commited against his countrymen I’d sentence him  200,000 years of prison minimum. He is most responsible for Srebrenica becoming the greatest stain in the history of mankind . It was in 1993. when he fled away . He escaped again in 1995. “

“Srebrenica genocide is an agreed arrangement  between the international community and Alija Izetbegovic ;  between Izetbegovic and then- USA president Bill Clinton “ – Ibran Mustafic

“For the crimes committed in Srebrenica  Izetbegovic and Bill Clinton are directly responsible” –  “Srebrenica genocide is an agreed arrangement  between the international community and Alija Izetbegovic ;  between Izetbegovic and then- USA president Bill Clinton . And as  for me, their agreement is much greater crime than all what happened  in July 1995.   The moment Bill Clinton stepped into the Srebrenica Memorial was the moment when the villain back to the crime scene ,” said Mustafic .

He pointed out that there are major manipulations with names and number of the victims in Srebrenica . ” I know about a father who lost his son in Srebrenica but the son is not and has never been among those killed or missing. It is similar to a man who died in the Netherlands, but was put in the record of Srebrenica victims.”

“ManyBosnian Muslims  decided to suscribe as victims  because they had no means of support and were jobless so they used the opportunity. Another thig is that between 1993. 1995. Srebrenica was an Demilitarized zone . How come that suddenly we have so many disabled Srebrenica war veterans ?” ,  Mustafic asks .

He believes that it would be very difficult to determine  exact number of dead and missing in Srebrenica .

“It’s very difficult , because Srebrenica have been for too long subject to manipulation , and  the master of puppets is Amor Mašović who attempts to made fortune over the Srebrenica setup so he would live carefree for the future 500 years! 

 However , there are some others from Izetbegovic (Alija, then  – Muslim president in Bosnia)  environment that since the summer in 1992. carry out the project of  making the Bosnian Muslims an permanent and exclusive victims of the war” said Mustfic.

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