Latvia: a fence on the border with Russia is pointless

September 16th, 2015

RusVesna – translated for Fort Russ by Joaquin Flores

Commander of the National Armed Forces (AF) Latvia Raimonds Graube acknowledged that building a fence along the border with Russia in the hope that it will protect the country from a certain “Russian threat”, is meaningless.

“For some time ago, we received orders to tighten control over our borders. I immediately explain. There are two concepts: the control and protection.”

“It should be understood that “little green men” (the Russian military – .ed) will not be stopped by a fence. They are not the Vietnamese refugees!” – Regretfully noted Graube. – “They are professionals – employees of special units of one of the best-trained armies. “

Earlier Latvia sounded the initiative to follow the example of Estonia and build a fence on the border with Russia.

In the plans for the border area on the border between Latvia and Russia, including the establishment of fences in some places, the country plans to spend 17.5 million euros.

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