Poroshenko’s lies at the UN: Poverty in Ukraine decreased three times

September 27, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

I think that the citizens of Ukraine, sitting in front of the TV, if did not shut it off, then spit on it.

Because the UN hardly heard more lies before coming from the podium.

A man, who dropped his country below Gabon in Africa, said literally the following:

“Regarding Ukraine, I would like to emphasize that we managed to:

  • reduce poverty threefold — however, due to Russian aggression we expect this indicator will fall
  • improve the maternal health system
  • cut child mortality by half [and how many babies did your army bomb in Donbass? – KR]
  • to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS
  • to make progress in the fight against tuberculosis [What about the shortage of vaccines and the polio epidemic? – KR]”

Also Poroshenko said:

“Today, Ukraine needs to implement the necessary systemic reforms, countering Russian aggression, trying to undermine democratic European development elected by the Ukrainian people [What about half the Ukrainian people who elected the Eurasian development? – KR]

As a result of treacherous Russian annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea and aggression in Donbass, thousands of people were killed.

Critical infrastructure was destroyed [Ukrainian army notoriously targeted critical infrastructure – KR]. Ukraine has lost about 1/5 of its economic potential [“Donbass lived on handouts from Kiev” – is what we heard from Kiev before – KR]

Military actions of Russia against Ukraine increased the environmental and epidemiological threats, and also risks associated with social exclusion. [“Let their children sit in basements, and our children go to school” – said Poroshenko earlier about the kids of Donbass, and who stopped paying retirement benefits to Donbass residents?]

The chemical compounds in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine and adjacent territories constitute a special hazard. [Especially when the Ukrainian army keeps targeting the Donetsk Chemical plant with their most powerful bombs – KR]

There is a terrible threat to potential man-made disasters [Ukraine is one huge disaster zone – KR].”

For the Russian delegation to listen to this nonsense, apparently, was intolerable. So our diplomats left the hall. “We left the hall in protest against overtly politicized and aggressive speech, which did not correspond to the declared theme of the summit,” – they explained.

Poroshenko detachment from reality has reached its peak apparently. After all, only a crazy man can say that the number of poor has decreased three times, on the background of the rapidly impoverished citizens. Although, maybe he meant that the number of poor is declining in the fields of the ATO. Then no one will hardly argue with that.

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