Russian experts, politicians, and activists reflect on the past and incoming year

December 11, 2015 – 

Novorossiya – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

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“Summing up the year’s results”

It’s already December 10, New Year beauty has already been put up on squares, and it is time to remember the most important events of 2015. 

This year turned out to be a difficult one and there were disappointments and tragedies. The sluggish war in Donbass continued, Russia came to the aid of Syria and ran into economic crisis, and even Europe came face to face with a guerrilla war on its territory. 

But what will 2015 be remembered for most of all? The editorial board of Novorossiya Information Agency decided to hold a blitz-survey for its regular contributors and friends in which politicians, political scientists, experts, writers, scholars, and war correspondents, all of those who were close to us this year, share their visions of the outgoing year…

The first to answer our questions were Russians: the personal enemy of the United States included in sanctions lists, political scientist, and Chairman of the political party National Course, Andrey Kovalenko; representative of the “Anti-Maidan Headquarters of St. Petersburg,” Evgeny Andrushchenko, and the young scholar, candidate of sciencies, associate professor of information technologies, mechanics, and optics at St. Petersburg National Research University, Alexander Prokofyev.

1. The main news of the year for you

AK: The decisive participation of Russia in a military operation in Syria.

EA: The “leak” of alleged plans for occupying the West Bank of Ukraine in Spring 2015.

After the mass publication of this, it became apparent that the Russian Federation will not liberate the Russian regions of Ukraine from the pro-American junta and, further, the conflict will be resolved exclusively in the framework of the Minsk Agreements.

AP: The beginning of Russian military operations in Syria. 

2. The best moment of the year was…

AK: The persistence of de facto control over the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics.

EA: The taking of Debaltsevo.

AP: The launching of our Caliber-NK cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea at militant bases in Syria.

3. The Three Men of the Year in your opinion

AK: Putin, Marine Le Pen, Malofeyev.

EA: Assad, Poroshenko, Surkov. 

Assad because he overcame the difficult situation and acquired strong allies.

Poroshenko because he was able to mobilize and put the country on a war footing despite the fact that it is on the verge of the collapse (albeit this was done under the leadership of the United States – according to Biden’s statement, he talked with Poroshenko 2 hours a day for a year and a half). He has the initiative in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, and he can adjust the level of heat.

Surkov also achieved the realization of his conceptions which to a significant extent defined the condition of international and domestic policy in 2015, and possible the geopolitical picture of the world for the coming decades.

AP: Putin, Lavrov, Assad. 

4. What do you consider the main achievement of 2015?

AK: Russia’s reaching beyond the former USSR to the geopolitical chessboard of the Middle East.

EA: The achievements of the military-industrial complex. 

AP: The attempts at developing the non-oil sector of the Russian economy and the failure of the US in its attempts to isolate Russia’s international coalition.

5. What was the most difficult for Russia in 2015?

AK: Keeping Donbass from returning to Ukraine. 

EA: The nationalization of the elite, the working out of a strategy, and the accounting of mistakes.

AP: Import substitution. 

6. What event from this year will be remembered forever?

AK: The terrorist attack in Paris.

EA: The murder of Mozgovoy. 

AP: The terrorist attack on the plane with Russian tourists in Egypt and the destruction of our bomber in the skies over Syria by the Turks.

7. Describe this year in one sentence

AK: The exacerbation and prolongation of points of contradictions.

EA: “Real politics” triumphed over “strategic (national interests).” Confusion turns into inactivity. 

AP: We woke up.

8. What should be achieved in the new year?

AK: A decisive change in the format and quality of the internal political and economic development of Russia.

EA: See mistakes, draw conclusions, and determine goals and begin their realization.

AP: A continuation of the transition of the Russian economy from a raw-material one into a manufacturing one. Victory over the Kiev junta and militants in Syria….[article breaks off – J. Arnoldski] 

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