Ex-US Ambassador Given Schooling After Proposal to Deprive Russia of Kaliningrad

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

21st March, 2016


Virtual world wars on social networks today have become so commonplace that it is difficult to be surprised anymore. However, when “military actions” with “rehashing of maps” are made by former ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul (former Advisor to Barack Obama on national security issues), it is already a pretty significant event.

The specialist in democracies, anti-dictatorship movements, and revolutions, as McFaul describes himself, got involved in a discussion of certain “annexations”, answering the allegation of the opponent that “Crimea was Russian in the days when the American founding fathers had only just proclaimed the creation of the United States,” and then cheerfully invited Germany “to Annex Kaliningrad”.

“Kaliningrad was a German city for many centuries. Does this mean that Germany has the right to attach itself to Kaliningrad now?”, asks the former Ambassador.

And the logical answer: “Crimea was annexed firstly by Ukraine with help of Khruschev, Kaliningrad is a war trophy. See any difference?”.

“Recall that Crimea came back to Russia on the basis of an absolutely legitimate procedure – the national referendum held on 16th March 2014. An absolute majority of citizens voted for the reunification with Russia – 96,77%”,- reminded the logical Pravda.ru.

The discussion on McFaul’s blog then turned serious. 

The ex-Ambassador was immediately reminded that Texas was historically a territory of Mexico.

Then McFaul replied by saying: “yes, in 19th century. Lots of countries seized a lot of land back then. But that practice no longer legitimate today.”

But he also stated that Amur would do well to return to China, because it “was once Chinese”.

“How about the return of the Falkland Islands to Argentina and Gibraltar to Spain?”, McFaul was asked.

But that’s not all.

“It was also brought to Michael McFaul’s attention that it’s not all Germans who live in Kaliningrad, and that’s why it’d look absurd to give this territory back to them. Some supporters of McFaul tried to defend his position, stating that annexation by Germany will positively affect the economy of the region,” writes Lifenews.ru.

The reporters added that, “one of active participants of the discussion remarked that such statements seem hypocritical on the background of US attempts to destroy the Russian economy through sanctions”.

They also didn’t forget about the Polish parts of East Prussia, which after the Second world war became part of Poland: Gdansk (former Danzig) and Wroclaw (formerly Breslau), because they would have to be annexed by Germany too?

Here McFaul suddenly came to his senses, said “of course not”, and quietly disappeared from the discussion.

Of course, why he wouldn’t want to disappear, when he has nothing to retort with?

Moreover, a participation of the conversation remembered Alaska… And there’s much more that could be to said to remind the former US Ambassador.

For example, as one user wrote: “the United States occupies the lands of native Americans, and we know how that turned out, Michael.”

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