Syrian army liberates “moderate” rebel forced labor prison

Reuters photo of some Jaysh al-Islam fighters

Product of forced prison labor. RT twitter photo

RT France, March 6, 2016
Translated from French by Tom Winter

The Syrian army has discovered a building in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta that the Jaysh al-Islam terrorist group was using as a prison reports the LIFEnews Russian TV channel. 

In one of the buildings of an agricultural school in Ghouta, the terrorists had locked up more than a thousand people who do not agree to live by rules decreed by the radical Islamists. Most prisoners provided the labor necessary to dig tunnels and build fortifications. 

According to the Syrian military, the trapped people were living in inhuman conditions: no cell could meet minimum health standards. The prison belonged to the terrorist group Jaysh al-Islam, a group which,in the eyes of the West, is part of the moderate Syrian opposition.

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