Pushilin: Kiev benefits from “no peace, no war”; we could reach Lvov

April 23, 2016 – 

Antifascist – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

“Pushilin: If Poroshenko decides on a full-scale offensive, we will go on a counter-offensive that could end outside of Lvov”

Keeping the ongoing conflict in Donbass in the so-called “no peace, no war” state is very profitable for the Ukrainian regime and Poroshenko, especially because this is the only reliable way to maintain power while explaining all failures in state-building as due to the war – such is the opinion of Denis Pushilin, the chairman of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic and envoy to the Contact Group.

In Pushilin’s opinion, however, it is unlikely that Poroshenko will opt for a full-scale and serious war even if he wanted to, because he understands that such a collision would inevitably be a fiasco. 

“Judging by the number of equipment and manpower that Kiev has pulled up to the line of contact, the assumption might arise that everything is pointing to the war starting up. But if we assess things from a political point of view, then this seems suicidal for Poroshenko. Everyone understands that in such a case we would be compelled to go on a counter-offensive, and no one can say whether it will stop at Kiev or Lvov. Poroshenko, undoubtedly, still has fresh in his mind how painful similar attempts in the past turned out,” Pushilin stated.

He also noted that in the case of a full-scale offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, Poroshenko would instantly lose the support of his allies in Europe. Pushilin does not exclude that even the US could turn away from the Ukrainian president.

“Besides, in going on an offensive, he would lose the support of his so-called allies in Europe, and in all likelihood the USA too. In the US, everyone is preparing for elections, and any new conflicts would be completely senseless. Poroshenko does not possess the forces to “clear” us out…Therefore, I doubt that he, as a politician, will venture for a new war,” Pushilin noted in an interview with for Pravda.Ru.

Nevertheless, he added that Kiev’s launching of a new war, of course, cannot be ruled out given that we are dealing with Ukraine, which explains a lot.

“But given the fact that current Ukraine has consistently committed to absolutely illogical, self-destructive steps, nothing should be counted out,” the politician corrected. 

In adition, the politician stressed that the Republic has “really created a real, battle-ready army which is capable of defending the Donetsk and Lugansk republics from Kiev’s aggression.”

“This is already a full-fledged, regular army. There are drills, target practice, and everything that is necessary. Military servicemen are constantly engaged in combat training. However, we have, really, no Russian advisors like they say in the West. In the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Russia is playing the role of an intermediary just like the OSCE. Therefore, we can only rely on the professionalism of our guys who have taken up arms to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their country.” 

“Of course, many of them have military service in the army under their belts, and there are those who have participated in other wars. The commanding staff of our army is sufficiently professional and meets the requirements of current military realities. In addition, we have now trained our own cadets. They are being trained in military schools,” he said. 

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