Ukraine’s “European” Economy: Austrian factory enjoys cheap ski equipment production

May 10, 2016 – 

Vasily Ablyazimov, PolitNavigator – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

The famous American publication The New York Times has found only the factories in Western Ukraine which have benefited from economic association with the EU, one of which produces hockey sticks and skis.

The American publication recognized that the successes of Ukraine’s economic association with the EU have been questionable, only for the American journalists to then name “Russian aggression” as the reason.

Out of all of Ukraine’s industry, the journalists found only three factories which, in their opinion, have profited from the signing of the association agreement. These include two branches of German car cable manufactures which can now export products and raw materials duty free, and an Austrian manufacturer of ski equipment, which benefits for the same reason. 

The publication writes that it has ben profitable for the Austrian manufacturer to keep the plant in Mukachevo since qualified Ukrainian carpenters at the factory can be paid 8 times less than their Austrian worker counterparts. Now profits have increased even more as a result of the lifting of duties on the import and export of products.

The New York Times, for the sake of objectivity, notes that Ukraine has lost half of all exports to Russia and the CIS countries since the EU agreement.

The newspaper believes that the Euro-Association agreement will contribute to the creation of small businesses and factories around the border in Western Ukraine. An example of such is how the Americans reached agreements with Mexico which stimulated the creation of enterprises and factories on the US-Mexico border which exploit the cheap labor of Mexicans. 

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