Five Minutes of Common Sense: Should Russians be Upset by Olympic Suspension?

June 21, 2016 – 

Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

With great interest I’ve been watching social network users react to what is happening around the doping scandal and the disqualification of our athletes from the Olympics. I don’t want to spread the cliche that this is unjust, and that the West is bad, and that the door should be slammed, or that this is national humiliation, and so on. This is no national humiliation. Mutko has to go. He is clearly not ready to lead Russian athletics in such a situation in which big-time sports has become part not only of big politics but even geopolitics. When an animator and companion will be needed for the boring “bronze” Russian football team, we will call him back. Or maybe not. Better to let Russian football players themselves pay for his services, as the good salary allows them too. What Russian sports needs is its own Shoigu or Lavrov or Rogozin. Mutko isn’t needed. That’s for sure.

I really don’t understand why we are so upset that our athletes have been suspended from the Olympics. We ought to rejoice. The last time such a collective sports obstruction was organized against us was 35 years ago when the West boycotted the ’80 Olympics. Do you know what this means? This means that we have once again become a threat. This means that we have become so dangerous and uncomfortable that dirty games and disgrace in front of the whole world have to be played against us. This is no reason for grief. This is a reason for the International Olympic Committee’s decree to be regarded as an Olympic medal for a higher test.

I also want to say a few words about who those who are moping about the alleged national humiliation which we have allegedly been subjected to by the international athletic officials. Hold your horses! National humiliation is what is happening to the other side of the ocean, and it is precisely this that explains the tenacity with which Western officials want to play some kind of dirty trick on us. Look, tens of billions of dollars were invested in Syrian militants, collected from the world on a string, and ISIS was hyped up in the media as an invincible terrorist Caliphate. In terms of costs and historical importance, the Olympics are nowhere close in comparison to this project. And now Russian troops have come and turned ISIS and the so-called “moderate opposition” into target practice, into a punching bag for training Russian military and air forces. Everyday, our bombs destroy millions of dollars of American investments in the Syrian opposition. This is humiliating for the United States, the last superpower on the planet.

And even more humiliating instance is that there is nothing they can do about this. After he announced the end of American patience, John Kerry bit his tongue and started to mumble something unintelligible about how we didn’t get it. Dozens of diplomats from the US State Department are writing angry letters to Obama and demanding that this shame and humiliation in Syria end and that the US should finally begin to bomb Assad, but Obama is silent and has stuck his head in the ground. This is what real national humiliation looks like. American diplomats are being forced to explain to their colleagues that somehow the “regional power, Russia” with “an economy torn to shreds” has day after day publicly humiliated the US in the most sensitive part of the world. They’re forced to explain this, but they can’t. So they write tearful and angry letters to the White House with the demand that this disgrace be stopped. But the shame doesn’t end. Since the St. Petersburg forum which, despite the prohibition of the State Department, was attended by such American companies as Boeing and Exxon Mobil, the sense of humiliation felt by US officials seems to have become unbearable. 

But what have they done in this situation? They decided to take out our athletes. This looks petty, but is actually very revealing. If that is all that they can do to fulfill their Russophobic wish list, then fine. I think that if American advisors were to send their Syrian allies a list of suspended Russian athletes, then Syrian terrorists would not be so inspired to die from Russian bombs. 

We need to get used to such small dirty tricks and not pay any attention to them. If such nasty things are used against us, that means that we’re fine. In fact, there are reports that a similar operation is being prepared against the Chinese, only for them it will be their national swim team that will be hit. If this really happens, then this will be the first step taken to ensure that an alternative Olympic movement will be held consisting of the countries whose athletes have been disqualified by Western officials. And this is very good. I personally will shed no tears for the old Olympics. 

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