LPR frontline report: war could restart any time; Russian comrades are returning to front

June 27, 2016 – 

Yuri Kovalchuk, PolitNavigator – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

Ukraine is sending new divisions of heavy equipment to the demarcation line in Donbass non-stop even thoughm according to the Minsk Agreement, they’re supposed to be withdrawn to a safe distance. Every day on the front there are more and more bloody skirmishes, and heavy artillery have joined the fray. Flying over the heads of LPR citizens are not only shells, but also the statements of Kiev politicians which with each passing day are making everyone feel that the truce is over.

There is little reliable information on the internet these days. Patriotic sentries and enemy bots are sowing disinformation and decadent moods. Things are much easier on the front, where militiamen are rejoicing upon being delivered from debilitating boredom and waiting by the opportunity to destroy the enemy. Just what the fighters of the NAF are waiting for was explained to PolitNavigator by the militiamen with the call-name “Joker” who is still serving on the demarcation line in the LPR.

PolitNavigator: They say that the conflict is escalating. True?

Joker: In some areas it is relatively quiet, but the Ukro’s periodically attempt to break through in those places where they haven’t been heard in more than a year. In some places, the conflict has reached the level of intensity of fall 2014. The enemy is actively making maneuvers and bringing in vehicles. They are constantly checking us with reconnaissance and sending in sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

PN: Recently, rumors have spread that the militia is barred from operations, all but disarmed.

J: We are not going on any offensive, but we are maneuvering and, when possible, occupying more advantageous positions. We are responding to provocations appropriately according to all rules of warfare. Judging by available information, the “little responses” we are giving have been successful. The enemy has suffered serious losses of personnel, equipment, and artillery.

PN: What is the mood like among soldiers?

The mood is upbeat. People are tired of inaction and have now lit up. Our comrades from Russia who went back home in 2015 have been re-activated. They are actively taking interest again, and some are already preparing to come back to us..

As early as summer 2015, or by fall at the latest, we should have begun to “behead” the UAF to the fullest extent following any serious provocation. This has all lasted for a bit too long. Moreover, the whole time Ukraine is just taunting us.

PN: Is there any chance that the conflict will be resolved and that the ceasefire will continue?

This conflict can only be resolved by the defeat of one of the sides whether in a military or economic sense. Or, alternatively, by us joining Russia. As for the ceasefire, it can probably only be saved by some kind of miracle…The majority believes that there will be war again soon enough. But saving the truce is not our business. Our business is to fight. 

PN: Are there any ideas as to when the slaughter will begin?

J: No one knows. Many times already it’s seemed as if it was about to begin, but then everything fades again. The most important thing is that people are no longer going nuts from boredom and inactivity. But it could begin again at any moment. We will live to see how it turns out. 

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