Interview With Graham Phillips on the Investigation Into the MH17 Tragedy

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th July, 2016


Last night Bellingcat published a new report on the Boeing “777” Malaysian Airlines crash. The website Nevnov, before publication of the report, spoke on this subject with a person who is directly familiar with the research of Bellingcat, and he will soon present to the world the tragic events of mid-July 2014. The well-known blogger and journalist Graham Phillips commented on the Bellingcat investigation.

Graham, what is your opinion about the founder of Bellingcat Elliot Higgins? (Author’s spelling, vocabulary and punctuation)?

“What can I say about Eliot Higgins – look at his previous career – he is a loser. He was a failure at University, even failed to work even in an underwear company whilst unemployed. To us in England he is a simply a loser.

But he found a way he could earn money. To create a lie for the Western media. So maybe now he’s not exactly a ‘loser’ because he earned a lot of money. He’s just a prostitute”.

What do you think about the purity and truthfulness of their investigations?

“This is not even a relevant concept. Bellingcat write the version their paymaster wants. That’s all.”

Bellingcat are soon going to publish their investigation into MH17. What do you think, what information will they publish this time?

“Bellingcat will do what Bellingcat always does, publish anti-Russian propaganda, which is ordered by their paymasters. It will, as always “blame Russia”. What do you expect, Higgins works for the Atlantic Council already. I knew a guy in Kiev who was totally illiterate, but he is now a prolific writer for them, and all because he is against Russia.”

We know that you are planning to release a film on MH17. Can share some information about the project? Or is it still a secret?

“I can say that this will be a major project, and involves a lot of work. But the motivation and the goal is clearly to find out the truth. Unlike Eliot, I was doing research that led to a conclusion. He’s doing the opposite. He already has a conclusion, and twists the evidence to fit it.

My movie will be the absolute truth. All my work is financed through crowdfunding, so there is no ulterior motive, everything is very clear and objective. I have an open mind about it, who shot Boeing MH17. We find out and tell it like it is. But, I already know for sure – never trust Bellingcat”.

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