On the Clock of the World’s Geopolitics – the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th July, 2016


It is not necessary to be very intelligent to understand that the cause of the attack in Nice was not an “oversight” by the French security forces, which at the moment there is so much gossip about. It is as if the terrorists deliberately chose such an instrument of mass destruction – conventional trucks – to show the fight against terror at its terminal stage – a task absolutely senseless, if not stupid.

Such actions are possible in any country where vehicles are available.

So the question that really should asked is the following – why France?  Especially as acts of terrorism shake the country with the regularity of the arrival of a train voyage.

First of all, the known objective prerequisites for the active disruption of the foundations of France is the presence in the country of many millions of migrant communities, which do not show a special desire to integrate into France, and have already proven themselves to be not the most sociable part of French society. The numerous fights in the suburbs of Paris during the times of Sarkozy give this confirmation.

But, eventually, other EU countries are full of Asian-African migrants, for example in the same Germany. Then why does it forcefully shake France? Answer – because for someone it is necessary.

I also think that the migrant factor is just the general background against which the crucial role is played by very different circumstances.

And, above all, geopolitical. And it is no coincidence the mass murder in Nice followed almost after the British referendum on leaving the EU.

Europe has entered a period of powerful geopolitical motions. The essence of which, as far as can be judged, is a radical reformatting taking into account the now emerging new configuration of forces in the world.

The US can no longer exclusively and directly control the European space, as it has recently. So they are forced to look for options of control that would provide them with the necessary influence, but in a mediated form.

The exit of the UK, undertaken, no doubt, in coordination with Washington, became the first step towards this new Europe. But not the last. On the stage now is France. Yes, Yes –  France. A country that in the new truncated format of European unity sharpened objectively, under German concern, will obviously look like an alien body. Not incidentally the first sounds for an exit from the EU after “Brexit” came from Paris.

But, in addition to the threat of German domination, France feels a growing discomfort with its migration transparency associated with membership in the European Union.

Therefore it is not necessary to be a great analyst to understand that the main beneficiary of the current drama in Nice, as it is not blasphemous, will be those political forces that demand to tightly and quickly close the door from which a pan-European draft blows.

Thus, the organizers of this terrorist attack clearly worked on those political forces in France, which require the early separation of this country from the EU. There is no doubt that after the incident, the demands of these requirements will categorically increase considerably.

And, therefore, the probability of today France leaving the EU increases dramatically. Whoever will stand at the helm in Paris – Marine Le Pen or Sarkozy – does not matter. Both of these policies are fully ready to return France to the status that it had when the great powers without regard to “european consensus.”

It is clear however, that France, which breaks away from the Euro-German conglomerate, will not want to be and will not remain alone. And most likely, for lack of other prospects – will return to its usual status of a junior partner in the Anglo-Saxon community of Nations. Reinforcing, at the same time, its contacts with Russia as the natural counterweight to Germany.

It reminds you of anything? Well, of course – it’s all the same “good old” triple Europe of the early 20th century! In the center is German dominance, and the sides are Russia and the Anglo-French. And above all this hovers, dissecting the firmament the proud American eagle, which once again hopes to rule the world by manipulating the most traditional European balance of power, which we just explained. And that is occurred literally before our eyes on the bloody bridge in Nice.

If someone after reading the above continues to believe that so-called “international terrorism” exists by itself, and terrorists are spreading death right and left just because of bad mood or desire for a speedy meeting with Allah, I can only sympathize with the depth of delusion. Nobody cancelled the main issue of world law “who benefits?” and today’s attack in France gives it a definite answer.

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