The Most Stupid Rebellion or Erdogan’s Cunning Plan…

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th July, 2016


As a Turk, I don’t know what’s scarier: the fact that “setting fire to the Reichstag” was planned by Erdogan from beginning to end, or the most stupid rebellion in history.

I saw the whole thing from beginning to end, and am pretty sure it was a government provocation, because in our country, riots used to happen like clockwork. The entire upper army coup of 1980 survived a coup, as they understood that shooting in white light, like a kopeck, has no real use. Turkey held a successful coup so smoothly that nobody noticed until the army was alerted that the coup was successfully completed. At this point, all members of the government had been safely arrested and the streets blocked by the army to avoid riots. Everything went without a snag or hitch. But this one is nonsense.

Every little detail was chewed on the Internet and on TV. An attempted coup, and even the mass media didn’t cover it up? A coup attempt that lasted 10 hours?!! Which began just in time for the evening news? Sorry, but I just cannot believe that the army planned such a shame in a country in which successful coups used to happen once every 20 years.

Yes it is even impossible to call it a revolution – they didn’t arrest the government after all! They allowed Erdogan to call people to the streets (in a normal country, the government orders people to stay indoors and not to go with bare hands to fight against tanks and aircraft to keep the ruler on the throne). A kind of coup that does not arrest the government, but instead arranges a bloodbath on the streets?!

Everything that happened only benefits Erdogan. Believe it or not, but now he’s got incredible power and the radical Islamization of Turkey will now go like clockwork.

The government called on the faithful to fight with the rebels. Yes pathetic, people still believed that they are fighting crusaders! Mosques caught up with the hysteria incited people to fight for Erdogan. But where have you seen unarmed people stop a tank? I didn’t see it live, but the Internet is full of images.

Few victims… a little suspicious. Imagine a crowd of a thousand people attacking tanks with knives and stones. If one shot in the crowd – thousands would have died. A helicopter was shot down, yes, and ground forces were stopped by the crowd. I do not even want to think about what would have happened if the tanks opened fire.

Most of the soldiers are young people of ages 20-24 and many of them said that they were told that they were going “on an exercise”, and they didn’t know what to do when they realized that they were taking part in a rebellion.

“Please forgive me, but we were ordered to occupy the TV Studio”. They even asked announcers how to switch off the equipment. All this happened live, I heard it all. You captured the CNN Studio and did not even know how to turn off the TV?!!

And even after they asked reporters to stop broadcasting, the broadcast lasted all night.

How sad that these soldiers, which only obeyed orders and didn’t shoot into the crowd, were killed by this crowd. Hell, one of the soldiers had his head cut off in the best traditions of ISIS. The fact that there were people lynching the soldiers boggles the mind. This is a sobering reminder of how strong and brutal an incensed crowd can be, united by one idea.

In Turkey the army is the most respectable organization. It is the backbone of the whole country. When a person is called into the army, it is a celebration for him, for the whole family and friends. Service in the army was always considered the most rewarding choice in life. For the Turks the army is sacred, and there are no analogues to this attitude in the Western world. And now people who fought with the army are represented by these characters.

The army’s reputation has fallen so much that I am sure that Turkey every day becomes a totalitarian police state to an increasingly greater extent. The army was suppressed, many will go to prison, and some executed, though now it is illegal. And the quantity of police, on the contrary, will increase exponentially, because they are “defenders of freedom and democracy.”

Guys, I don’t even know how to put it, but the army is such an integral part of Turkey that I never even imagined that we’d come to this…

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