Thousands-strong Banderist march erupts on 3rd anniversary of Maidan [+Video]

Feburary 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– RusVena – By James Harmon

A Banderist march has erupted in Kiev on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of the original Maidan, which precipitated a coup de etat of the democratically elected leader Viktor Yanukovich who was violently overthrown and forced to flee Ukraine. The “march of  national dignity” taking place on February 22nd, was promoted even on the front lines of the Ukrainian led war against the Donbass rebels in days preceding the march.

Infamous “Svoboda” and “Pravy Sektor” parties took place, among other nationalist organizations who have become well known for  nefarious activities both in Ukraine and in the battlefield against the Donbass.

Eyewitnesses say several thousand participants are taking place. The Extremists leading the march, who are primarily made up of Banderists, Ultranationalists and Neo-Nazi sympathizers, promise that the final destination of the march is Independence Square, where they once again intend to put forward to the authorities numerous populist demands: reduction of tariffs on utility services, the rejection of the privatization of state-owned enterprises, a moratorium on land sales and the cessation of trade with the “occupied territories”, better known as the LNR and DNR.

Today’s march is just the latest challenge for the Porochenko regime, which has faced severe issues during it’s embattled time in government. With the most ferocious foot soldiers of the regime now actively protesting the government and calling for yet a new Maidan – the future looks increasing dismal for the Ukrainian authorities. 

“For the people there was one-on-one against the tyranny of the oligarchy and the Moscow invasion. Those who have seized power via the dignity of the slogans of the Revolution,  do not think to perform tasks that are put in front of them as Ukrainians “, – said the organizers of the march.


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