78,000 square kilometers of Syria liberated from terrorist forces, Russia plays key role

August 25, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Directorate Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy has revealed that over 78,000 square kilometers of Syria has been liberated from terrorist forces since the Russian military began assisting the country in September 2015.

The concentration of the areas liberated has been around Aleppo, Palmyra and Latakia Province, according to Rudskoy.

“During the operation of the Russian Aerospace Force, the territory controlled by the governmental forces, grew by more than four times – from 19 to 78 thousand square kilometers,” he said.

“The forces have defeated the bandit groups in Hama and Homs, the Latakia Province is liberated fully from the terrorists, the world cultural heritage monument Palmyra is liberated, like the Aleppo city, which is Syria’s second capital,” he said. “We have unblocked the main transport route between Damascus and the country’s north.”

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