Former Kurdish leader: We lost the battle in Afrin, but not the war

AFRIN, Syria – An ex-Kurdish leader has announced on his Twitter that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) may have lost the battle for Afrin in northwest Syria, but they have not yet lost the war.

“withdrawal from one battle doesn’t mean loose of war and give up the struggle. the struggle will continue and the Kurdish people will keep defending themselves against the genocide planned on them. the victory will be for N.Syrian peoples,” he said on his Twitter.

It is this individualist policy that saw the YPG rapidly lose Afrin to the Turkish-led invaders dubbed the Olive Branch forces. The Kurdish leadership refused help from the Syrian Army, and instead has seen thousands of Kurdish civilians flee to Syrian government-held areas of Syria.

This arrogance also led to a huge casualty number suffered by Kurdish forces. This resulted in at least 1,500 deaths as earlier reported by FRN.

The quick capitulation of the YPG demonstrates that they are not as much of a powerful force as they made out to be and rather all their military prowess is only seen when backed by US airstrikes.

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  • Roffe Rövanhjälm

    The Kurds have during the decades proven unable to learn from the Zionist organize, in Kibbutz’s, who Hezbollah studied and copied successfully before the 2006 War, and the Zionists have also been the strategic leadership of ISIS.

    Despite all these three previous examples to learn from, by far most from ISIS who we see daily since 2014 on TV how they fight, the Kurds proved in their south-eastern Turkish uprising two winters ago and again now in Afrin that they cannot learn from history or contemporary examples.

    The fight like cowboys, they die like cowboys.

  • 14th Troll

    You see the reason for their defeat in his comment. He self-describes his group as North Syrian People. You are either Syrian People or you are Not. A house divided cannot stand.

  • peacefullyexpress

    I like Kurdish people.Hope they will live in Syria .They should not fall for western propaganda .I wish them peace.