“Only force who can defeat ISIS” loses Afrin to Turkish-led invaders – PHOTOS

AFRIN, Syria – The so-called “only force who can defeat ISIS”, the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) have totally capitulated to the Turkish-led Olive Branch forces, and have lost the northwest city of Afrin with little resistance.

With many YPG members fleeing Afrin yesterday, civilians began looting former buildings operated by the YPG and ransacked food stocks, as seen in photos found here.

The YPG, often dubbed as the “only force who can defeat ISIS” has shown its inept ability at military capabilities when they are not backed by US airstrikes. When the Olive Branch forces launched their offensive on Afrin city, they captured the entirety of the city within a matter of hours.

It also poses the question that if YPG are so ineffective in an area like Afrin which is perfect for defensive warfare because of the vast mountain ranges and valleys in the region, it proves how ineffective the YPG in Manbij or east of the Euphrates are without US protection.

The YPG effectively chose to hand over Afrin to Turkey rather then the Syrian government, demonstrating their arrogance and lack of care by creating a refugee crisis as thousands of Kurds flee to government-held areas of Afrin.

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  • Roffe Rövanhjälm

    Those people in the balcony don’t look the least like Syrians, so much for “civil war”.

  • John Mason

    Can’t recall the YPG actually fighting ISIS but I can recollect them being in collusion and giving ISIS free passage, unhindered to fight SAA. What is happening to the YPG is what they deserve and they are too stupid to even realize that the US is not helping.

    • Nightcrawler136

      Some YPG are former Daesh!

    • FlorianGeyer

      Exactly, theUSA pulling the strings of the ISIS/ Al Nusra and the Kurd puppets and along the way a few die on both sides as the US controls the battlefields 🙂