Putin supersedes all previous election results – leads by a mile

Putin surpasses previous election result - leads by a majority

According to the Central Election Commission, the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin leads with an unprecedented result; with 80 percent of the votes counted, his result stands at 77% of the popular vote.

In second place is the candidate from the Communist Party, Pavel Grudinin, who has 12.3 percent of the vote. However, his result continues to drop off.

In third place – the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky (5.98 percent, which is also lower than the result obtained in the previous elections).

Ksenia Sobchak continues to show growth, now making up 1.53 percent. Yabloko candidate Grigory Yavlinsky also improved his score, receiving 0.92 percent of the vote. Candidate Boris Titov (“Party of Growth”) – is in sixth place (0.7 percent), Maxim Suraykin (“Communists of Russia”) – in the seventh (0.67 percent). The list is finished off by Sergei Baburin (“Russian National Union”), which received 0.64 percent of the vote.

Who out there is actually voting Sobchak? Serious question.

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  • lsammart

    yes, who is voting for her….from which region?

  • Skywolf

    “Who out there is actually voting Sobchak? Serious question.”

    Living in Russia for many years, I can try to answer that question, having run into some of these people. Generally (but not exclusively) younger, impressionable, idealistic types easily swayed by Western-style propaganda techniques and the promises that being just like them will improve their lives and this country. Just picture those who would attend a Navalny rally to complete the picture. 🙂

    Fortunately most of the younger generation I’ve run into have a good head on their shoulders and don’t fall for it, which is why Sobchak and those of her ilk will not have any significant support for the foreseeable future.