Russia expels 60 US diplomats, closes US Consulate

Russia has expelled 60 American diplomats and closed the Consulate General in St. Petersburg, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“Literally at this moment, US Ambassador Huntsman is in our ministry, where my deputy Sergei Ryabkov is explaining to him the content of the measures against the United States, they include the expulsion of a similar number of diplomats as the US expelled, and our decision to close the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg,” said the diplomat. He also stressed that other countries that followed Washington’s example will see similar measures.

Commenting on the incident in Salisbury, Lavrov said the West’s behavior with “mockery of international law.” He called the conclusions about Russia’s involvement in the poisoning “regrettable” and “hasty” and again pointed out that Moscow has nothing to do with the situation.

“So in order to achieve a normal conversation, in order to establish the truth, we formally proposed to convene … on April 2 an extraordinary session of the OPCW’s executive council,” the Foreign Minister stressed. Lavrov expressed the hope that the Western partners “will not ignore an honest conversation, otherwise this will be another confirmation that everything that is happening is a grossly initiated provocation.”


US diplomats are obliged to leave Russia before April 5. In this case, the building of the General Consulate in St.

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  • Mixa.

    Russians here, Russians there………… Russians EVERYWHERE!!!
    If Putin didn’t exist, he would have to be invented.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      I do feel that he ought to teach the UK a lesson regarding attempting to murder Russian citizens for geopolitical gains. Me thinks Russia should close a UK consulate or 2 until the UK stops it’s BS and allows access by the Russian embassy to it’s citizens on UK soil and collaborates with Russia on an independent investigation. The UK refusing to collaborate on this ‘poisoning’ attack paints a picture of collusion between the CIA/MI6 to perpetrate a false flag for geopolitical gains. How many investigations lacking any evidence by the west have been blamed on Russia, from MH17, Ukraine coup snipers, Polonium poisoning with I believe, a high grade type ‘highly likely’ to be a product of Israel, etc. etc. ?

  • jabirujoe .

    I take exception with this headline. There’s no way Russia could have found 60 US diplomats when they don’t even exist. Now……. expelling 60 American idiots is a different matter altogether and I would readily accept that. “American Diplomat” is just another glaring oxymoron in the MSM continual bastardization of the English language.

  • Love One Another M

    “Western partners”? I only see Russia adversaries in the mainstream political leadership in the west. They keep referring to Putin on their news channels as “Putin is a dictator, Putin’s regime, Putin’s dictatorship” over and over again, instilling distorted picture on Russia on their viewers. All I see is the opposite of what they say.

  • lsammart

    president Putin is the best leader in the world at this time, a gift from God to the Russian people and the whole world…

  • Ivan Grozny

    While Lavrov is indeed the best Diplomat in the world, he is mistaken – (quote) “[western partners] will not ignore an honest conversation” – or, it’s another of his world famous jokes!
    They do on a regular basis ignore an honest conversation. In such matters, honesty and intelligence, not to mention diplomacy, is paramount – neither of these ‘qualities’ are exposed (in any format) by the current ‘western elite”

    • Nick Maers

      You should know that Lavrov’s education doesn’t allow to use some words that should be used referring to americans, such as f… you.

      • Ivan Grozny

        Indeed, that why he is the PREMIER diplomat of the world!!!
        (It would be fun to hear what he says in private about his ‘partners’)

  • Nick Maers

    BRAVO Russians! Have nice hollidays you shitty american diplomats!