Russia warns FYROMacedonia about joining NATO

MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday following a meeting between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko and Ambassador of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to Russia Goce Karajanov that the country would face many negative consequences if they were to join NATO.

“The sides shared their positions on the situation in the Balkan region,” the Russian ministry noted.

“The Russian side stressed that the plans of drawing FYROM into NATO may have negative effects on regional security and bilateral relations.”

The two states also spoke about improving relations.

“They stressed the importance of renewing the activity of the Russian – FYROM Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Science and Technical Cooperation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.


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  • lance

    Not good enough. You basically need to re-establish the Hungarian empire at this point. These little places can’t stop bankers.

  • velija

    Russians, or at least their leaders seem to be living in a parallel universe. What is it exactly that Macedonians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Montenegrins etc. owe to Russia? Is it expecting these small orthodox and Slavic nations to be there for Russia whenever it needs them, however, when they need Russia it is nowhere to be found. Are we forgetting that Russia actively helped the destruction of their country siding with Muslims and Croatian / Slovenian Catholics along with the “western” partners? Russia has thrown these countries and their leaders like Zivkov, Milosevic and Djukanovic to the dogs as it did with many others all around the globe. Is Russia becoming an exceptional nation too?

    • byblos

      Actually this was not Putin’s Russia, but a submissive USSR with cowards and western puppets like Yeltsin that did not help Serbs in times of need. Putin could not help in 1999 and several years that followed as he was still raising Russia out of a swamp it was dragged into when the USSR fell apart and its military capability was poor. Today is a different situation, and it is Serbia like Syria that needs to directly and genuinely ask for Russia’s help if it’s needs it. However why should Russia help it, if it’s (Serbia’s) current politicians are showing tendencies for NATO.