SHOCKING: Over 1,500 YPG killed in failed operation to defend Afrin

AFRIN, Syria – In their failed operation to defend Afrin, a region of northwest Syria, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) sustained over 1, 500 deaths to try and take on the Turkish-led invading force comprising of the Turkish military and their Syrian puppets.

The YPG opted to take on the invading force, dubbed Olive Branch forces, on their own without any help from the Syrian Army, preferring to be ruled by foreign forces then by the Syrian government. Despite choosing this decision to be ruled by Turkey, Kurdish civilians in this region opposed this which is why we see them fleeing to government-held areas of Syria.

This major miscalculation by the YPG leadership has seen the total capitulation of Afrin to the invading forces, and the death of over 1,500 fighters, a major blow, in what was a futile error.

The majority of those killed were by airstrikes and artillery bombardment, demonstrating that without US protection, the YPG are not a major fighting force.

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  • TiredOfBsToo

    The YPG is just a tool for foreign invaders, all terrorists!

    • 14th Troll

      If tools, then they are shovels. They are digging their own graves.

  • dan kopfz

    From what the Russians have hinted, and the Iranians and Syrians have specifically stated, the ‘terrorists’ are in reality mercenary armies spearheaded by Western special forces, and US air support.

    The YPG are just Kurds rolled in to occupy captured territory as the Western terrorist army rolls on.

    Once you understand this, you understand that Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia have actually been in a direct conflict with NATO in Syria and Iraq.

    I’ve heard rumors that, as a reward for fighting with NATO forces for a certain period, local forces are given migrant status in EU countries. The statistics seems to confirm this, as over 70% of the ‘migrants’ being resettled in the EU are young males of fighting age.

    • Roffe Rövanhjälm

      What the Illuminati is hoping for by importing Takfiri kefirs en masse to Europe is that they will cause domestic terrorism and uprisings. Then the EU capitols will have a casus belli to attack “the sponsors” of this intentionally imported terror and somehow blame Moscow and Tehran for it –> start Armageddon.