“The West has always been the aggressor” – Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected accusations of seizing Syrian lands and said that the aggressor was always the West.

According to the Turkish leader, people approve of Ankara’s policy.

The population of the Syrian regions from Tall Rifat to Manbij, Tall Abyad and Resulain favors the arrival of Turkey, whose policy is associated with the concepts of “security,” “calmness,” and “order,” Erdogan said.

He stressed that no one has the right to blame Turkey for the seizure of Syrian lands.

It is the West throughout history that has repeatedly manifested itself as an invader and aggressor.

Earlier it became known that the Turkish troops, together with the forces of the Free Syrian Army, took control of the Syrian city of Afrin.

On January 19, Turkey  launched the  “Olive Branch” military operation against Kurdish forces stationed in the Syrian city of Afrin and surrounding areas. Later Ankara’s intention to  expand the  zone of the operation became known.

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  • Tommy Jensen

    Turkey may have used the West as an idol then.

    • Nightcrawler136

      Now a fallen idol in the eyes of Russia, Turkey and most of the Middle East!

  • lsammart

    Erdogan should leave NATO and move to Eurasia at a fast speed, before US tries another coup….