Trump makes strange statement on US leaving Syria

President Trump has stated that the US will leave Syria, but has not mentioned an approximated date.

A reminder that the US presence in Syria is illegal according to international law, as the Syrian government gave no permission to their intervention, and neither is there a UN resolution.

The rest of the message is a little cryptic – what Caliphate is he taking back and where to? Anyway – we got the main point.

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  • TiredOfBsToo

    If Trump follows through on his campaign pledges of non-foreign interventions and begins pulling US forces out of Syria, Iraq etc., concentrates instead on US infrastructure rather than war making, he’ll win the next election hands down and my family will vote for him.

    • Magic Matchbox

      don’t be silly; this is more typical American bluffing and lies; the US will be leaving Syria with as much enthusiasm as Barry leaving the bathhouse in Chicago

      • TiredOfBsToo

        I point you to the first word in the sentence….. IF

  • MyWikiDisQus

    Deeds are what defines a man’s worth.

    Trump reneged on his campaign promises to his political base and because of that his comments are now looked upon as words only.

  • Whoever

    He couldn’t pull out of a pornstar but he will pull out of Syria. Oh, sure!!

  • Tommy Jensen

    We the sheeple are hoping this time finally America is telling a truth. Because this would prevent us from raising our butts from the armchair.

  • Amado Naranjo

    What can we read behind his words?. Does he want to fight to the Deep State?. Does he want to keep his campaign promise?. Does he want to concentrate his efforts in building a strong country inside?. What are thinking those armed groups that is him backing in Syria?. For sure not and they won’t survive in spite of his help.

  • Love One Another M

    This issue Syria, is all due to the actions of Obamgutan. Everything that he touched was and is still in chaos now.
    Including his Russophobic and gay propaganda policies in US and the west.

    • Magic Matchbox

      in the US, no one dares to mention that it was Bathhouse Barry who started the US terrorist war in Syria in 2011 — not the media, not the average American, and definitely NOT the blacks

  • Marschall Clark

    France is taking over, thats all. Macron is supporting FSA and all other non assad players. he announced today. I guess the french should of voted for Marie

  • Tommy Jensen

    Maybe France and Israel are taking care of it.

  • Fatima Manoubia

    Trump makes strange statements always…and even states one thing today and makes the opposite tomorrow or even in the afternoon….No mind this is at the WH, or at his own home….Ask Melania!……Thus, why to pay attention to the statements/twitts of such a moron, when he is forming an increasingly obvious warhawks-junta?…. In fact, I think that he is there to try to fool the Russians one time after another….to try to find them unprepared….with his merchant tone…..But he is so obvious…..since the beginning….That I do not swallow that those who voted for him thought things were going to be different with him in charge. He was this way since the first time we saw his ridiculous face on TV….and so, those of so high IQ and MBTI test so fitting for the intelligence work voted for him because he was going to pass the laws who will low the taxes over the quantious gains of their private military intelligence business, that they now try to makes us believe through their “blogs” that they just discovered he is a moron with an ego bigger than the WH which host him now, does not fit with such high IQs….Ainsss!

    • che guevera

      Yes, very insightful comments. I would add to remember that voters in the U.S. are treated like stupid sheep and the choice they are given between mutt or jeff is really no choice at all; it is only an illusion of a choice so people try to vote for the least bad which increasingly has become a sad joke. Hillary had a track record as a politician that was uniformly bad, terrible, threatening in complete accord with all the geo political military evil the U.S. has perpetrated around the globe for many decades. She was a cackling clown from hell no doubt about that. It was basically a contest of choice which plate of fresh shit would you like to eat from ? LOL That is the state of politics in America : you have a choice ! There is a smelly pile of shit on each plate, now pick one ! cause it’s all you’re gonna get ! and the citizens are supposed to say Thank you Massa !

  • Ser Korz

    US will be leaving Syria on Doomsday 1st.