Turkification of Afrin in full swing by occupying forces – VIDEO + PHOTOS

AFRIN, Syria – The full Turfication of Afrin in Syria’s northwest has begun since the Olive Branch forces, a coalition between the Turkish military and their Syrian jihadist puppets, successfully captured the region entirely last week from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

Photos and videos have been released of students in the city of Afrin waving Turkish flags and giving thanks to Turkish President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan. This would suggest that a full Turkification of the region is underway.

Similar sentiments have occurred in the town of Jarablus after Turkish-led forces captured the site in 2016 from ISIS. Since then, administration buildings for the town are covered in Turkish flags and images of Erdogan and Turkey’s founding father Kemal Ataturk.

In Jarablus, school is taught in Turkish and use the Turkish curriculum. Similar events are now beginning to occur and be revealed in Afrin.

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  • AM Hants

    This does not make sense. Turkey has got too much to lose, to walk in and steal the territory of Syria. Surely, they would not be that stupid?

    • Love One Another M

      Of course it does not. Erdogan, ISIS, Saudi Arabia the west oftentimes don’t make sense in what they do, but they do it anyway. Man in a bed with another man does not make sense for normal people, but for the homos it makes.

  • Love One Another M

    I have been always saying “Never ever trust the Turks”. The moment they are stronger than you, and don’t like you, they will back-stab you, or murder you. I wish I was wrong, but they just keep proving me right.

    • Lusaka

      You mean ‘Always trust the Turks’ to be fair and just. Turkey has rendered help to our region (which is thousands of miles away) simply for humanitarian reasons and NO ulterior motives! Unlike past colonial masters.

  • Lusaka

    There is NO Turkification going on in Afrin. No!
    In fact the Turks have restored the Arabic language to the people of Afrin. It was the Kurds who had oppressed the people of Afrin by forcing them to learn Kurdish.